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They are 36 Italian developers in Apple’s App Store Foundations program

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Italy is home to some of the most creative and talented developers in the world, creating apps used by millions of people. Of these, some work side by side with Apple to grow and improve, in the App Store Foundations Program. The initivia, born in 2018, already has 36 Italian participants and now extends to other 29 countries.

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What is that
Launched in 2018, the program offers additional support to some developers to help them build even better apps. Developers selected for the program can take advantage of tailor-made courses where they can work in individual and group sessions in close contact with App Store team members at European and national level. Developers learn how to grow their business and extend the reach of their apps. The variety of topics covered includes different aspects: how to make the most of Apple’s APIs and technology, how to strengthen the editorial project to get more in tune with users and how to optimize your presence on the App Store. Other sessions focus on monetization, marketing and other topics, designed to support developers on their growth journey. Once participation in the program ends, developers continue to have access to Apple’s team of experts; this ensures that they can continue their education and improve their apps constantly, while benefiting from the global reach and user base of the App Store. Developers also become part of a network of former participants that helps them learn from the experience of other developers.

The expansion of the program is another important initiative taken by Apple to contribute to the success of European developers. This is followed by the launch, which took place last year, of Apple’s App Store Small Business Program. This program, which aims to accelerate innovation and help developers move their business forward, benefits the vast majority of developers who sell digital goods and services on the store by granting them a reduced commission on paid apps and in-store purchases. app. Developers can take advantage of the program and a reduced commission of 15% if they have revenue up to $ 1 million during the previous calendar year. “We are delighted to support the talent and creativity of Italian developers,” said Christopher Moser, Apple Senior Director of the App Store in Europe. “By welcoming our 36th Italian developer to the App Store Foundations Program, and at the same time extending it to more countries, we reaffirm our commitment to constantly collaborate and dialogue with developers who create amazing apps for millions of users all over the world “.


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A springboard
Many of the developers who have participated in the App Store Foundations Program in the past have used it as a stepping stone to reach even higher goals. For example, the Italian Loopsie, a photo editing app that offers users a set of tools and skills usually reserved for professional photographers. With Apple’s support, it is growing its user base and aims to quadruple its workforce by the end of the year. “The value of the program has been transformative for Loopsie,” said Angelo Gallarello, CEO of Loopsie. “It allowed us to consolidate our business model, allowing us to double the number of employees dedicated to the app and triple our turnover.”

And again, AWorld is an app created in support of ActNow, the United Nations campaign to promote individual actions in the fight against climate change and in favor of sustainability. Its users have already taken over 4 million actions to help create a better planet for all. “The impact of the program has been educational for AWorld,” said Alessandro Lancieri, AWorld Chief Technology Officer. “Participating allowed us to expand our front end team and understand the importance of accessibility. Working closely with Apple has given us a great boost and we look forward to the future with enthusiasm ”.

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