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“They infected me with Covid in hospital and abandoned”, the story of Antonio who is still struggling to recover

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Admitted to the Papardo hospital for the worrying hemoglobin value, he contracts the covid during his long stay in the internal medicine ward and is then transferred to isolation in an RSA where he will have to remain until the swab gives a negative result. The story of Antonio Crea, a young 45-year-old patient begins on November 3.

“I went to the emergency room where the first swab gave a negative result – says Antonio – So I stayed from 13.30 to 20.30 waiting to be admitted to the internal medicine ward, but there, according to what the staff told me, there is it was a suspected covid case. Finally, in the evening, they find an available bed for me in urology. ”

During the night Antonio was given two blood transfusions and the next day he was transferred to the internal medicine ward. Antonio is vaccinated with two doses, so he faces his long hospital stay with serenity, at least from the point of view of the coronavirus. “Between 10 and 15, however, more and more cases of covid begin to register in the ward, and I too am subjected to two other molecular swabs which are still negative but at the same time I remain hospitalized in the internal medicine ward which gradually it begins to empty as the number of positive patients increases, “he continues.

Until November 19, when among the new positive cases there is also him who is placed in solitary confinement in a room until 2pm on November 20. “I wonder then, was the covid transmitted to me through the transfusion? Or through the doctors who in the meantime became infected themselves after the outbreak that developed in the ward?”, Continues Antonio.

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At this point, the patient is faced with the choice of signing the discharge and continuing with isolation at home. “I refused to leave because of my decision – Antonio complains – So I was discharged from Papardo and immediately transferred to the Opus residence but here, in this new structure, who will treat my pathology? In fact, at my resignation, I did not receive any diagnosis specifies why I was hospitalized “.

Furthermore, during the 17 days of hospitalization at the Papardo, Antonio would have had to perform a CT scan with contrast medium, postponed from time to time without any explanation. “And besides the injury, also insult, because on the resignation sheet I was now advised to carry out the examination independently – underlines Antonio – This made me feel further abandoned. Why stay 17 days, during which I also contracted the covid, and without any doctor ever giving me clarification on the problems of the blood values ​​for which I had been hospitalized? “.

Antonio will now have to wait to recover from the covid before he can leave Opus and go home. “I am left with a bitter awareness – he concludes – Healthcare has invested 17 days in my hospitalization to resign me positive for covid”.

Il Papardo: “No critical issues related to this situation”

In the meantime, the management of the Sperone hospital ward presented its version of the facts in a note. “Following a positive swab on a patient admitted to internal medicine, other covid tests were performed which led to the identification of some covid-positive patients and two members of the medical staff. After the first positive patient, new admissions to the ward were suspended. The patients were transferred to the Covid Area in the Infectious Diseases and Pneumology wards while the patients who needed low intensity care were transferred to suitable health facilities or to their homes “, writes the health director Giuseppe Ranieri Trimarchi.

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“The internal medicine hospitalizations are currently closed as had already been done by the first patient found positive. All the other patients remaining in the ward are negative as well as the employees. The ward has been sanitized and made safe. There are no particular forms of critical issues related to this situation. Finally, it should be remembered that covid-19 can result from tests even after contagion following the “silent” incubation period of 6 days and that therefore, after the entry swab carried out in the emergency room or in the ward as a practice, it may happen that it is already positive inside the ward and only after admission. To date, all patients admitted to internal medicine are negative for the molecular swab “, he concludes.


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