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They practice medical profession without having qualifications, reported – Emilia-Romagna

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Posturologist and massage physiotherapist in Faenza, in the Ravenna area

The Carabinieri of the Nas of Bologna in collaboration with the colleagues of the local Compagnia, this morning carried out a search in a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Faenza, in the Ravenna area, at the end of which they denounced two people on the loose for abusive exercise of the health profession and they confiscated various material.
The investigations, ordered by the Ravenna Public Prosecutor’s Office, were triggered following a previous inspection during which the military had focused their attention on two alleged professionals present in the center: one who presented himself as a posturologist and the other as a massage physiotherapist.
The two performed physiotherapy treatments, decontracting massages, postural checks, magnetotherapy and electrostimulations.
Their activity has been proven by various receipts issued to patients and by the testimonies of the latter.
From subsequent checks it emerged that both do not have the necessary qualifications. Furthermore, the structure had been activated – a note reads – without the required communication to the health authority.
For the two workers, who would also have prescribed drugs to patients by drawing up diagnoses and rehabilitation programs, the complaint was therefore triggered. Finally, the electromedical equipment of the center was seized as well as tax documents, educational qualifications and stamps.

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