Home Health “They thought it was carpal tunnel.” Then the shock diagnosis

“They thought it was carpal tunnel.” Then the shock diagnosis

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“They thought it was carpal tunnel.”  Then the shock diagnosis

A wrong diagnosis that could cost her her life. Today Roban Lampkin, a 41-year-old former athlete, can tell his story and hopes to be of help to those who will have to fight his own battle. In 2019 she was diagnosed with a blood cancer, multiple myeloma. But to get to this point, she had to go through dozens of misjudgments. “I would tell myself I had carpal tunnel, but I knew it wasn’t possible,” she explains.

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Blood cancer, symptoms

The first sign for the woman was a strange burning in her hands and arms. Consulting with the doctor had led to a misdiagnosis: carpal tunnel. “I knew she couldn’t be about that,” she said in a recent interview with Insider. That wasn’t the only symptom. Roban Lampkin began to suffer from swollen ankles, bruises, red spots, aversion to alcohol and constant fatigue. The most particular one however “was the presence of small bubbles in the urine, which the doctors considered as a danger sign of kidney damage,” he says.

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The correct diagnosis

The situation worsened when some sores began to form in her mouth and on her tongue, which prevented her from speaking well. With the heartburn continuing to excruciating, the desperate woman turned to the hospital, hoping for concrete answers. After a series of in-depth analyses, the correct diagnosis arrived. Multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer that affects plasma cells, a type of white blood cell that helps fight infection by producing antibodies.

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Looking back three years after her diagnosis, she said the signs of her disease were “all things that I think most people would overlook, that they wouldn’t pay much attention to.” «Too bad my doctor didn’t do it either», she concluded bitterly. On TikTok, where she has 35,000 followers, she talks about her experience and gives advice to those in need of help and support.

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