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Third dose Covid vaccine, what Costa and Sileri say

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Third dose of anti Covid vaccine, after yesterday’s invitation to the booster dose of Health Minister Roberto Speranza for over 60s – “you can vaccinate with the third dose from the age of 60. And I invite everyone those over 60 to do it, starting from health personnel and RSA, for those 6 months have passed since the completion of the vaccination cycle. I think this is essential to protect our citizens even better “, he explained -, on the subject they come back today the Undersecretaries for Health Andrea Costa and Pierpaolo Sileri. “Possible”, they explain, “an enlargement of the audience within the year” because “all of us will need it sooner or later”.

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On the third dose for all “this is a choice that politics makes on the basis of what scientific indications will be, I hope that this does not become a subject of political debate and that all politics is compact on the indications of science. We are already starting to the frail and the over 60, it is conceivable that within the year there will be an enlargement of the audience, but we await the indications “, explained the undersecretary Costa guest of ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus. About the fact that some do not want to do it? “We must rely on the great sense of responsibility that citizens have amply demonstrated. We must absolutely be careful not to make mistakes in communication, we must convey clear, univocal messages, without the risk of not being understood and we can do it if we distinguish the roles – he added. Costa – There are choices that are up to politics, with regard to the third dose I hope that politics takes a step sideways and that the choice is up to the scientific community. If so, I believe that citizens will once again demonstrate a great sense of responsibility “.

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For the undersecretary sileri, guest this morning of ‘Mattino5’ on Canale5, “we must wait for science to tell us which categories will need the third dose. It is likely that all of us will need the third dose sooner or later, especially if we observe the first infections in those who they took the first doses in January. Then it will be decided whether the Green pass should be extended or not after the third dose but it will depend on the circulation of the virus. But on the green certificate we do not step back. We must finish securing the country, reopen all because the stadiums and discos are not yet fully open, then we will remove the distance, then the mask and finally the Green pass “, he concludes.

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