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Third dose vaccine, “Hope prepares health care obligation”

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On the anti covid vaccine and the ‘booster’ dose, “the Minister of Health Speranza has announced that he is preparing a measure for theobligation of the third dose for health professionals, which I assume should start on December 1st“So at beraking latest news Salute the president of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli.” Our opinion was that vaccination is the tool that made us reduce infections – adds Anelli – and so we can only agree “.

L’the arrival of an ‘ad hoc’ rule for the third dose also raises the question of extending the obligation of the anti-Covid vaccine for health professionals which will expire on 31 December: “I imagine that it will depend on how the new norm for third doses will be written”, clarifies Anelli who adds “but the deadline of the first obligation will have to be moved”.

“We must guarantee the safety of health workers and anti-Covid vaccination is the only way. For the previous vaccination cycle we managed to immunize all doctors and operators in a short time. I am confident that we could do it again this time, coming to close the game by the end of the year “, says president Fnomceo to beraking latest news Salute, commenting on the data of the Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies (Fiaso) which attest to 42% the percentage of doctors, nurses and operators on duty in hospitals and in health facilities that have received the vaccine booster against Covid-19. A figure that is growing, but according to Fiaso “it is not enough: the third dose is required for health professionals”. A position also shared by the president Anelli. “We can only agree,” he says.

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