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Third sector, breast cancer patients are also represented in the Forum

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“We welcome with great pleasure the entry of Europa Donna among the members of the Third Sector Forum. The only reality within the Forum that deals exclusively with the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, enriches the variety of member organizations and, we are sure, will contribute to increasing our commitment to the protection of women’s rights and health ”. This is how its spokeswoman Claudia Fiaschi commented on the official entry of the rights movement for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in the National Forum of the Third Sector.

Participation in the Forum is very important in this historical moment in our country where the Third Sector Reform is about to be defined and regulated, from which the networks that are part of the social economy will benefit in terms of organization, transparency and governance.

The change taking place will be a constant imperative also in the coming years and the third sector will offer professionally trained operators able to contribute to co-create targeted and efficient organizational systems and services increasingly integrated with the environment, social and health.

“It is a great honor for us to be able to collaborate with such a prestigious organization that for over 24 years has been the main representative, also at an institutional level, of associations and Italian volunteers – We thank all the new colleagues of the Forum for the trust placed in the our comparisons. Within the body we will give voice to the requests of the more than 830 thousand patients living with breast cancer in our country ”, said Rosanna D’Antona, president of Europa Donna Italia.


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