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this could be the reason

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this could be the reason

If your stomach feels swollen but you can’t explain why, then be careful because this could be the cause.

Swollen belly (Pinterest – milleunadonna.it)


Usually the swollen belly you can feel it after eating or drinking too much, especially if you are intolerant to certain foods or if you suffer from stomach acid or diarrhea.

Or you may have eaten badly, perhaps quickly, by swallowing too much air. Otherwise you have produced too much gut gas from both good and bad bacteria.

In short, there are many reasons. But at this precise time of the year the cause it could be another. Let’s find out together and try to understand how to solve the problem.

Why do I always have a swollen belly?

swollen belly
Swollen Belly (Pexels)

In this heat, keeping hydrated is serious business. Experts have always recommended 2 liters a day and it goes without saying that with the heatwave the need to drink becomes even more persistent. For this reason it could happen to even exceed 2 liters. But where does this advice come from, which has now become the cornerstone of experts and nutritionists?

Apparently back in 1945, when an American association declared the daily requirement of the famous 2 liters. Many years later, however, to be precise in 2011, the British Medical Journal denied this news, now considered by all to be a real law.

Even according to the American Institute of Medicine, our body is in fact able to make us understand when and how much we can drink. Furthermore, we must also take into account that more than 20% of the water useful for our needs we assimilate it through fruit and vegetables. Just think of tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and salad, which already contain over 90% water. It must also be said that each of us has very different needs, which depend on their characteristics and body weight.

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For this reason it’s okay to drink, but let’s not overdo it. Drinking a lot could in fact be the cause of your swollen belly. A symptom that arises precisely fromoverhydration, that is, from drinking too much. Those who are most at risk are undoubtedly the sportsmen. Always in training and therefore more in need of water. However, taking more than 2 liters per day could cause a lowering of sodium in the blood, another side effect.

But this may not be the only consequence. In fact, you may experience symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, but also fainting or tachycardia, in addition to headache and stomach pain, the latter caused by too high levels of potassium in the blood, which in turn causes the muscles to contract. But if 2 liters of water a day is too much then how much do you need to drink?

If you are an athlete, avoid taking too much water after exercise and also drink before training. This way you will maintain proper hydration without avoiding overhydration. While exercising, stick to small sips every 15 minutes or so, avoiding exceeding one glass per hour. Another thing you must not do, whether you are an athlete or not, is to drink the water frozen. This on a full stomach could in fact cause you considerable pain.

Therefore, the important thing is criterion and moderation. Your body will tell you how much water you need and remember that you can also assimilate it through the right foods.

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