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this eye complication is sometimes overlooked

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Diabetes can sometimes lead to complications that are often overlooked. One of these concerns the eyes. Let’s see what it is.

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The diabetes it is a chronic disease characterized by an excessive number of sugars in the blood. There are two types of diabetes: the Type 1 predicts the absence of insulin production, the type 2 on the other hand, it provides for a reduced sensitivity of the organism to insulin.

The causes of the disease can be genetic and can also be found in lifestyle. At the beginning it does not give symptoms so it will be advisable to check the blood glucose regularly since a simple blood test is enough. Symptoms, however, in advanced disease appear and are fatigue, increased urine output, increased thirst, and increased appetite with weight loss.

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As the site reports humanitas.it over time there may be various complications that can affect the kidneys, the cardiovascular and neurological systems and even the eyes. This aspect is often underestimated. But let’s see in detail what can happen.

Diabetes: This eye complication is sometimes overlooked

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One of the complications of diabetes that is often overlooked or detected if eye problems are experienced is retinopathy. Diabetes could be accompanied by dry eye syndrome. This syndrome is caused by severe hyperglycemia, profound dehydration and an unstable tear film. It is not generally evaluated for diabetes, but this appears to be a mistake.

Indeed, in type 2 diabetics it is present in 90% of cases. This is an important fact because it means that there is certainly a correlation. Dry eye syndrome has a number of symptoms which, in severe cases, can even lead to vision loss. These symptoms are: blurred vision, burning, pain, itching, dryness, ulcers.

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It would therefore be important to evaluate the diabetic in all his problems to understand where the disease is affecting. Already by itself, dry eye syndrome is disabling over time, it is even more so if it is caused by diabetes because a series of other problems will be present.

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