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This is how plants survive the holiday without watering | > – Guide

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This is how plants survive the holiday without watering |  > – Guide

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Many balcony and house plants threaten to dry up during a holiday. If nobody can take over the watering, there are simple tricks how the plants survive without watering.

Not everyone has friendly neighbors who can take care of the balcony and house plants during a holiday. But two weeks or more in the blazing sun and without watering, even the most robust flower splendor will not survive. The most important requirement for balcony plants is that they are placed in the shade, if possible on the cooler north side of the house.

Cut back balcony plants vigorously

Many plants can be severely cut back before the holiday.

In order to reduce water consumption, it is also advisable to generously cut away long shoots and faded leaves. Flowers that bloom a second time after being cut back in summer can have their entire blooms removed. After returning from vacation, new flowers have already formed. These include perennials such as lupins, blue fan flowers, delphiniums, lady’s mantle and phlox, as well as geraniums (pelargoniums), salvia and hussar’s heads. Before leaving, the plants should also be supplied with fertilizer and watered abundantly.

Water buckets and bins with plastic bottles

A plastic bottle with a hole in the lid can be used for watering while on vacation.

A commercially available plastic bottle is suitable for the constant watering of flower boxes and tubs. Depending on the water needs of the plants, simply drill a hole of at least four millimeters in the screwed-on lid. Then put the bottle filled with water upside down in the flower box or bucket. If you like, you can also drill another hole and stick a long nail from the inside out. This gives the bottle more grip in the ground.

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Place indoor plants in the bathtub

Indoor plants that need a lot of water can be cared for in the bathtub or alternatively in the kitchen sink. To do this, fill the tub or basin with a few centimeters of water, place a towel in it and place the plants on it without a planter. In this way they are supplied with water over a longer period of time. Plants with hard and thick foliage, such as scrunchie, need little water – watering them vigorously once before going on vacation is enough.

An irrigation system to which a timer is connected is suitable for garden plants.

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