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This is how researchers stop the aging process in mice

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This is how researchers stop the aging process in mice

This enabled them to use a drug to slow down the aging process in mice. The animals that received the drug had better cognitive, visual and motor skills at the end of treatment. The drug improved the body’s cleansing system, the University of Freiburg announced on Friday.

Each of the 15 trillion cells in the human body produces waste products that must be recycled like any other waste. However, as cells age, they lose the ability to effectively eliminate the waste products they produce. As a result, chronic inflammation spreads throughout the body.

This is particularly noticeable in the brain cells, the neurons, where waste products accumulate, which can lead to the cells dying. The results were published in a study in the journal “Nature Communications”.

Cleansing processes in the body

The body’s cleansing system is technically called autophagy. The researchers led by Patricia Boya from the University of Freiburg have now found that the cells maintain a different type of autophagy despite the aging process: so-called mitophagy. This specializes in cleaning mitochondria, the energy power plants in the cells.

In the study, the researchers treated aging mice with the drug “Urolithin A,” which was previously known to stimulate mitophagy. The inflammation decreased in the mice, with positive consequences for the brain, as the study shows.

These results were also achieved in cell cultures from older human donors. However, many more studies are necessary to know whether these results can actually be transferred to humans.

“The possibility of reducing age-related inflammation and disease indirectly through the induction of mitophagy is a promising therapeutic approach that should be further explored,” the researchers wrote in the study.

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