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“This is how we help children to socialize”

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“This is how we help children to socialize”

And hospital increasingly child-friendly. “Il Mondo della Zecca in Ospedale” was born from the desire to make the hospital stay less tiring for pediatric patients, a laboratory on how coins are created, created for the first time in the Pediatric Oncology department of the Gemelli Polyclinic. It is a pilot project that will lead the little ones to participate in various initiatives aimed at building bridges with the outside world, to feel less “sick”. The “world of money” was brought to the aisle by a delegation from the State Printing Office and Mint who visited the children and answered all their questions and curiosities.

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At Gemelli the laboratory on coins

The children watched the story and the historical video-reconstruction presented during this special afternoon with interest. Even more exciting was the interactive workshop on “How a Coin is Born” which allowed patients to make handcrafted coins with their little hands. Amid many questions and curiosities, the participants went on an exciting journey which will then continue with a guided tour of the Mint Museum thanks to the support of the Coccinelle Association for Pediatric Oncology Onlus.

At Gemelli the laboratory on coins, the project

Numerous Gemelli doctors worked on the project. From the director of Pediatric Oncology Antonio Ruggiero to Antonella Guido, psychologist-psychotherapist of the Pediatric Oncology Operative Unit and of the Clinical Psychology Service directed by Daniela Pia Rosaria Chieffo, Head of the Clinical Psychology Operative Unit. With them also the representatives of the Poligrafico: Massimo Masullo, Coordinator of Mint and Philately Activities and Egle Tringali, Head of the Mint Museum. «These events are not just moments of leisure and socialization but bring our kids closer to a world full of manual skills and creativity – said Ruggiero – All of this positively influences the experience of illness, improves the idea of ​​the hospital as a place of suffering and at the same time, it facilitates the acceptance of treatments». «The interest of the young patients of the Polyclinic excited us» explained Masullo.

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