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This is how you can benefit from fasting by the clock

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This is how you can benefit from fasting by the clock

The benefits of intermittent fasting have been known for more than a century.
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Intermittent fasting is said to have a number of positive health effects. Clinical studies show that it helps with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

IIntermittent fasting, also known as “intermittent fasting,” has been a big trend for the past few years. With this type of fasting, eating and fasting phases alternate hourly or daily. The most well-known is the 16:8 fast, in which eight hours of eating and (usually overnight) no food are eaten for 16 hours. Intermittent fasting should not only let the kilos tumble, but also have a number of positive effects on the organism. Last but not least, it is said to have anti-aging effects.

The fact that intermittent fasting can have a positive effect on health was noticed as early as 1907 by the American fasting doctor Edward Dewey. He recommended skipping breakfast because it helps reduce weight and strengthens nerves and muscles. Today it has been scientifically proven, at least in animal experiments, that regular abstinence from food strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and prevents both neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

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