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This is the antioxidant-rich fruit mix that’s good for your heart and skin and keeps you young

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In summer, the desire to feel good and fit increases for everyone and we are also more inclined to pamper ourselves starting with breakfast. Several times the consultants of ProiezionidiBorsa have illustrated how important this moment of the day is to get off to a great start and face all the daily difficulties. And what’s more inviting than a healthy and tasty breakfast? Sometimes these two fruits are enough for breakfast to fill up with happiness in the heart, namely bananas and blueberries. Today, however, our consultants will explain why this is the fruit mix rich in antioxidants that is good for the heart and skin and keeps you young. To get off to a good start and start the day well, you need to do it with the right fuel, which is certainly obtained from fruit and vegetables. Putting together various fruits, each with its own nutritional properties, is truly a panacea for our daily well-being. And here is illustrated below how much good for our body, both inside and out, this incredible mix of apple, kiwi and black grapes.

This is the antioxidant-rich fruit mix that’s good for your heart and skin and keeps you young

Thanks to its polyphenol and resveratrol content, black grapes have significant antioxidant effects, and are also energetic, thirst-quenching and nourishing. Furthermore, its antioxidant effect helps to keep the skin younger and more elastic. The apple, rich in potassium, vitamin C, counteracts cholesterol and is ideal for those who follow low-calorie diets, as it gives a sense of satiety. Kiwis are also rich in water, potassium and antioxidants and are also very effective against constipation.

To start the day well you will need half an apple, a kiwi, a bunch of grapes and lemon. Cut the apple and the kiwi into small pieces, pour everything into a bowl and then add the pitted grapes. Pour everything into the jug, but first pour the lemon juice over the mixture. Once ready, pour it into a glass mug and we will be ready to start again for this day.

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It’s unbelievable but a glass of this drink saves lives when your blood sugar goes crazy

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