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This is the fattest meat to absolutely avoid with high cholesterol

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Meat is a second dish that can be served with the addition of cooked, raw or grilled vegetables. In some cases it can also be used as a condiment for first courses, a classic example is the tomato and minced meat sauce.

There are many types of meat. But a major commercial distinction is that between white meat, such as chicken and turkey, and red meat, such as buffalo, pork, veal and ox.

Meats always remain one of the richest foods in cholesterol found in nature. However, the two types of meat, red and white, are equal in almost all nutrients, but in terms of saturated fats, red meat is much richer.

This is the fattest meat to absolutely avoid with high cholesterol

Among the various meats, poultry with skin certainly wins the podium for the fattest meat. This is because the outer coating is rich in hormones due to the intensive breeding the animal is subjected to and the feed it eats.

But among the skinless meats is the beef but it is not very marketed. While among those on the market the richest in fat, therefore, to be limited in the case of high cholesterol, is that of beef. The type of farming to which the animals are subjected is also influencing the amount of cholesterol in these meats, which favors the accumulation of fat in the tissues.

In reality it all depends on the type of cut we choose. To be exact, there are around 20 cuts for beef. The best known cuts are ossobuco, heart, liver and brain and also the so-called Florentine steak. This article explains what the exceptional technique is for making a stunning Florentine steak at home like in a restaurant, so good that it melts in your mouth even when cooked in a pan.

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Well, this is the fattest meat to absolutely avoid with high cholesterol.

Useful tips

A tip to reduce cholesterol is to avoid prolonged cooking, which evaporates the water and increases the concentration of this fat.

But the most useful advice within everyone’s reach is to eliminate the pieces of fat that increase the quantity during the consumption of the steak.

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