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This is the summer trend 2023!

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This is the summer trend 2023!

Midi dresses have become a popular summer trend for many ladies looking for a timeless and effortless style. As well as being extremely stylish, they are comfortable and flattering and can be styled in a multitude of ways to suit the occasion. In this article, you will learn how to combine a midi dress with sneakers to create beautiful 2023 outfits for yourself that will make you look and feel great all season long!

Combine a midi dress with sneakers – how to create great summer outfits

Before we get to the styling tips for summer outfits with a midi dress and sneakers, let’s first define what a midi dress is. It is a dress where the hem ends between the knee and the ankle. It comes in a variety of styles, silhouettes and fabrics, from classic dresses to flowing, boho-inspired designs, and there are some that are embellished with beautiful prints.

Midi dress with sneakers will become one of the main summer trends of 2023

Combining a midi dress with sneakers will be one of the most important summer trends of 2023. This season the focus is on feminine looks with romantic silhouettes, muted colors and delicate details. In addition, fashion trends are increasingly shifting to outfits that combine elegance and comfort. For example, the athleisure trend, which we wouldn’t have even thought was a good thing a while ago, has now become a pretty hip and super current look.

Here are some suggestions on how to pair a midi dress with sneakers to make you feel good and look amazing!

Create a monochromatic summer look

For a summer look, consider bright models of midi dresses

Once summer arrives, you should wear a midi length dress that is lighter in fabric and color. Consider white and off-white models. But you can also go to the other end of the spectrum and choose yellow, green, brown or orange. Summery midi dresses are flirtatious and show more skin! They often have spaghetti straps, are strapless or sleeveless. There are models of midi dresses that you can wear both to the beach and to a relaxed dinner.

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Complete your summery dress with sneakers in the same color palette

Complement your summery midi dress with sneakers in the same color palette for a monochromatic, elegant look that suits every occasion. A bun with a scarf will add an extra dose of chic and playfulness to your look.

The leg slit is the secret ingredient

Midi dresses with a leg slit are very feminine

If you’re a smaller woman like me, the typical midi dress length paired with sneakers can make your legs appear shorter. But this is where the cut comes into play! This is my secret ingredient when I want to pair a midi dress with sneakers. The slit doesn’t have to be too high or too low – the ideal length is one that shows off your legs without exposing them too much. Otherwise, your outfit could even take on a vulgar character, which would not earn you any style points.

The leg slit is the secret ingredient in long dresses

Midi dresses with a leg slit are more or less intended for more formal occasions. However, in combination with sneakers, the look is balanced and acquires a casual character with a touch of modernity and femininity.

Rely on a beautiful neckline & interesting motifs

Floral motifs, polka dots, beautiful prints - look for such models of dresses for summer

Floral motifs, polka dots, beautiful prints – look for such models of midi dresses for the summer and add a pair of comfortable sneakers with a clean design. Beautiful necklines, spaghetti straps, wide sleeves – all these details will make you look stunning in summer 2023.

Combine a midi dress with sneakers - this is the summer trend of 2023

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Combine a midi dress with sneakers – what else should you consider?

Combine a midi dress with sneakers - don't forget the accessories

There are a few styling tricks you can use to enhance your midi dress and sneakers outfit if you find it unfinished or don’t like how it fits. The same goes if you find that athletic shoes make your legs look shorter, or wider dress patterns make your silhouette look bulky.

  • Add a thin leather belt: It will accentuate your waist and visually lengthen and enhance your silhouette.
  • Complete the look with accessories: Accessories are an important part of any outfit. They are the ones who set the tone for the entire ensemble. For example, adding gold jewelry makes your look elegant and suitable for more formal occasions, even if you wear sneakers. However, if you complement the outfit with a baseball cap, then you are going in a sportier direction. Tie a scarf on your head and you’ll automatically add a creative twist to your look while bringing the spirit of summer with it.
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Therefore, if you want to combine a midi dress with sneakers, you should not underestimate the role of accessories and boldly experiment with them. You can create completely different looks from the same dress and sneakers.

Which sneakers for a summer dress? Combinations that make great outfits can be found here!

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