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this is what happens to your body

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this is what happens to your body

Bananas have been one of the most well-known and diversified fruit variants for a very long time now, even if compared to other much more “ancient” types, the banana as we know it today is relatively recent. What happens if you eat bananas every day?

Don’t eat bananas every day – this is what happens to your body

Bananas are probably the most widespread types of fruit in the cultural sphere and which lead to more active logistical operations, being a fruit that grows mainly in tropical, hot and humid environments.

Today’s variants are the result of various genetic “mixes” developed by humans that have gradually made the fruit as it is today (there are still “wild” variants of bananas that are less edible). But is daily consumption advisable?

Rich in starch and pectin, which is the most sought after and probably widespread compound of fruit fibers, which allows for better intestinal absorption and management of the body’s cholesterol, it is also rich in mineral salts such as vitamin B6, important for heart health , for the immune system, and for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Equally “equipped” with potassium, an element with a strong antioxidant power, bananas tend to be recommended both as a snack and as a start and finish to a meal.

They often “divide” nutritionists and dieticians because in essence they are rich in many nutrients but none prevails in an absolute way, making this tasty fruit extremely useful in the generic field.

Just be careful not to exaggerate with the daily quantities, generally the “safe” limit, since it is a fruit that tends to have enough calories, the “limit” quantities are around 2 bananas a day, to be consumed mainly in the morning and after meals.

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In short, yes to bananas every day, provided you don’t overdo it, a context that must necessarily be valid for any form of food.

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