Home Health This very famous drink that we consume by the liter represents a big problem for osteoporosis

This very famous drink that we consume by the liter represents a big problem for osteoporosis

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During the menopause, women undergo a series of hormonal imbalances (mainly linked to the decrease in estrogen) which affect their health. Among the typical ailments of menopause there are certainly hot flashes. We had already explored how to have fewer hot flashes during menopause without taking medications. Another disease strongly linked to menopause is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a chronic, painful and debilitating disease that makes bones less dense and more susceptible to fractures. More common in women, it occurs when bones lose calcium and other minerals faster than the body can replace them.

The decrease in estrogen and the onset of osteoporosis has been studied in depth. This very famous drink that we consume by the liter, according to new evidence represents a big problem for osteoporosis.

The culture of coffee and its excesses

Caffeine is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the world, with 80% of adults consuming at least one caffeinated drink per day. It is a common stimulant, consumed by professionals, parents, shift workers and teens alike to start the day and stay alert. The military also uses caffeine to combat sleepiness.

The risks of this coffee culture lie in the high amount of caffeine introduced into the body. An amount of caffeine equal to two cups of coffee per day (about 200 mg) is acceptable. When you hit 800 mg per day or more of caffeine per day, it could be dangerous. They are not unattainable amounts of caffeine.

Those at risk could include teenagers who consume energy drinks or professional athletes who use caffeine to improve performance. We had seen in a previous article that a coffee-based drink was launched by TikTok and was driving all sportsmen crazy. Experts later highlighted the health risks of combining proteins with high doses of caffeine.

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This very famous drink that we consume by the liter represents a big problem for osteoporosis

In a very recent study (Reuter SE et al, 2021) it is emphasized that high quantities of coffee can have important effects on osteoporosis. In fact, when the amounts of caffeine consumed reach 800 mg, there is a 77% increase in the amount of calcium lost in the urine, creating a potential deficiency that could impact their bones.

Therefore, moderating the amount of coffee consumed during the day can be essential to avoid major complications.


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