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This year the flu is Australian: what it is, symptoms, vaccine

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This year the flu is Australian: what it is, symptoms, vaccine

Two viruses are affecting most Italians in this period, and no longer just one: the Australian flu and the covid “coexist” and infect, sometimes manifesting themselves with identical symptoms. But what is the Australian flu and how should we deal with it if we get it?

I’m already about two and a half million Italians who have contractedinfluenza: the survey reports it InfluNet of the Higher Institute of Health. This year the flu virus is circulating with greater easealso accomplices easing of measures against covid: if during 2020 and 2021 the spread of seasonal flu had been contained by the masks and by all the hygiene rules adopted to combat covid, in 2022 it returned with more force, affecting above all the children. But what are the symptoms and how can we prevent it? Let’s see it together in the article.

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What is the Australian flu

It changes its name, but the influence remains essentially the same: i symptoms are of the most classic, and can hit anyone. This year the peak of cases is expected in advance than usual, which occurs around January: confirms this a Republic the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the Galeazzi hospital in Milan. “The Australian flu, which has already arrived, will make the season very tough. He will make gods dead, as always. The range of people who die from the flu is from 5,000 to 20,000”. The peak will be “in Christmas timewhen it will reach 150 thousand daily cases, for a seasonal total of 10 million cases on New Year’s Eve “.

What are the symptoms?

I symptoms of the Australian influence are rather “classic” and at the same time similar to the first covid symptoms: it is advisable, therefore, to carry out a test antigenic or molecular to establish whether it is one or the other virus. Here are the symptoms to watch out for:

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  • Feveralso high, which appears suddenly and lasts up to 3 days;
  • Chills;
  • Pains bone and muscle;
  • times you testa;
  • Grave malaise general;
  • times you gola;
  • Cold;
  • Cough dry.

How to cure the flu?

In most cases no fear but a lot of patiencebecause there are no “shortcuts”: the influence can last for several daysbut tend to it regresses spontaneously without special medical treatment. The situation is different for the frail or ill peoplelike the elderly peoplethat they risk more: When you think you have the Australian flu, it is always good to get the expert opinion of a medico. In subjects not at risk, it is usually possible to make use of antipyretic to bring down the fever, and take anti-inflammatories to fight pain; also syrups or cough drops can helprelieve symptoms. As for hiring antibioticsalways have to consult your doctorwho will prescribe them only when necessary.

The flu spreads: children are the most affected

According to the National Institute of Health, i children are the most affected by the Australian flu: we talked about it in this articlewhere we recommend how prevent it and how to recognize it in symptoms from children e babiesbut always remembering to refer to your own medico o pediatrician.

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Two viruses that coexist: flu and covid

Also accomplice coexistence of the two viruses, flu and covidthe Ministry reiterates how the infectionand therefore what behaviors to adopt for limit it. It can occur “by air, through the drops of saliva of those who cough or sneeze” or through “the contact with hands contaminated by respiratory secretions”. If you realize you have symptoms, especially in the first moments in which they occur, the Ministry of Health recommends isolate themselves voluntarily and stay a few days at home, making use of masks in case you have to get in touch with other people. Although it is possible to contract both the flu and the covid virus at the same timeit is usually only one that prevails within the body: to be sure that you have not contracted the covid, it is always useful to undergo a test.

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How to limit the contagion: the advice of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health, collecting the indications of the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), reported some method of personal protection for limit the infection of the flu (and covid). Here are the recommendations:

  • To wash regularly the mani with water and soap for at least 40-60 seconds, especially after coughing or sneezing;
  • Use, when you cannot wash your hands, i disinfectants alcohol-based;
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, preferably with tissues single use;
  • Avoid i contacts with sick people;
  • Avoid places too crowded;
  • To avoid touch each other eyes, mouth and nose.
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The Ministry recommends the flu vaccine

The Ministry of Health advises, in particular to some categories, to get vaccinated against the flu – and to also undergo the fourth dose of the covid vaccine: both can usually be performed at the same time, one on one arm and one on the other. In particular, the flu vaccine it is recommended for over 60 and/or to those who suffer from pathologies which could increase the risk of complications if you have the flu. The vaccine is open to all age groupswith the exception of babies less than six months old – in their case, the breastfeeding mothers they can undergo the vaccine and transmit the antibodies to the baby with their own latte. It’s enough a single dosewhile for some children who have never been vaccinated against the flu, two doses may be recommended: for all information and to dispel any doubts, it is always good contact your primary care physician and refer to official website of the Ministry of Health.

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