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Those of the first last minute dose “Healthy and without the perception of real risk”

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Who are the few Piacentines who, eleven months after the start of the vaccination campaign, have finally decided to be injected the first dose? They are a small number, now a few hundred a week, because the percentage of vaccinated in the province does not break away from that85, .. percent for some time. And yet even one more vaccine is important, to curb the spread of the epidemic, to protect a fragile person who could become seriously ill.

We asked the director of the Ausl District of Piacenza, the doctor Anna Maria Andena which closely follows the evolution of the vaccination campaign. So who are those of the first doses in these weeks? “There are different types of users who come to our vaccination hubs these days, the most numerous is made up of healthy and healthy people who believed that the vaccine was not necessary for them. They are mostly under the age of 50, or in any case young, with no particular health problems, which basically they had no perception of risk. And that they are changing their minds, because unfortunately non-elderly people are also ill among the unvaccinated. Then there is another group of people, who for various reasons of a clinical nature or related to therapies who could not get the vaccine before or had some form of allergy that kept them away from immunization “.

“We have set up a protected laboratory for these allergic subjects and therefore reluctant to face the injection, with somewhat longer waiting times, for administration under extremely controlled conditions. Among them are patients who have experienced specific anaphylactic shocks caused by drugs without any relation to vaccines, but which must be put in a position not to risk. Sweet at the bottom there are also those who got tired of getting repeat swabs and capitulated to the vaccine “. Among the people who have chosen, albeit late, albeit among the last, to be administered the vaccine, another awareness has also made its way, demonstrated by clinical data: that the disease can also be overcome and cured, but they can remain. major aftermath, permanent damage to health known as post viral long covid syndrome.

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According to Andena, under current conditions it is difficult for the percentage of vaccinated Piacentines to start growing again in a decisive way. “I’m not expecting any breakthroughs and I don’t think we will easily break away from the current 85-odd percent, maybe we can go up to 86-87 percent, but very slowly. The only factor of recovery could be the decision expected by the end of the month by the health institutions Aifa and Ema on the vaccination of children, those in the 5-11 age group currently excluded from the administration. Only in that case will we be able to witness an increase in the immunized population “. And on the hypothesis of introducing the vaccine obligation by law? “I would be inclined. Because it would be a clear choice and everyone would be called to take on their personal responsibilities and in front of the community. I would be in favor of a discourse of an ethical nature, as is already the case for childhood vaccines, which are mandatory for attending schools “. And who says an obligation would be difficult to enforce? “I don’t think so, also because we managed to administer it to 85% of the population, now only 15% is missing. And then I think we must think of Covid19 as an endemic virus to live with, because it is constantly changing, like that of the flu. For which it may probably be necessary to get vaccinated again, and repeat the vaccine every year “.

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