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Three actions to combat the spread of the tiger mosquito

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Three actions to combat the spread of the tiger mosquito

Loggia and Ats Brescia declare war on the tiger mosquito, the vector of diseases such as West Nile and Dengue. In 2023, the Brescia area recorded 17 cases of West Nile (including one death) and 13 cases of Dengue. To combat this threat, the authorities have implemented three key actions.

The first action involves larvicidal treatments, which began on April 12 and will continue until October. These treatments are more intense than in the past and target all drains and 40 thousand manholes in the city.

The second action is monitoring through mosquito capture, which will take place from June to October every 15 days using traps provided by the Zooprophylactic Institute. These captures will help with regular checks and surveillance efforts.

The third action is a communication campaign aimed at the entire community. The general director of Ats, Claudio Sileo, and the Environment Councilor of the Municipality of Brescia, Camilla Bianchi, emphasized that everyone’s commitment is needed for effective prevention. Citizens, gardeners, condominium administrators, pharmacies, and retirement homes are all encouraged to participate in the effort.

It is important to note that 70% of potential larval outbreaks occur in private spaces. To help address this, citizens can collect larvicidal tablets free of charge from local offices. Additionally, good practices such as avoiding stagnant water in watering cans or buckets, cleaning drains, and emptying dog bowls frequently are recommended.

With these proactive measures in place, Loggia and Ats Brescia are taking a strong stand against the tiger mosquito and the diseases it carries. By working together, the community can help prevent the spread of West Nile and Dengue in the Brescia area.

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