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three high-risk regions

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three high-risk regions

The value of the transmissibility index Rt is down this week, going from 0.96 to 0.93 while the incidence of Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants rises slightly to 699 from 675. This is what emerges from the weekly monitoring of the ISS- Ministry of Health. In the period 6-19 April 2022, the mean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was therefore equal to 0.93 (range 0.90-1.04), substantially stable compared to the previous week. The transmissibility index based on hospitalized cases is below the epidemic threshold and substantially stable compared to the previous week (Rt = 0.93).

It also goes down the ICU employment rate which goes from 4.2% last week to 3.8% today. The employment rate in medical areas nationwide also falls: it is fixed at 15.6% compared to 15.8% seven days ago.

Covid Italy, bulletin: 69,204 new cases and 131 deaths. 15.7% positivity rate

The percentage of Covid cases detected through contact tracing activity is stable (13% compared to 12% last week). Even the percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms remains stable (40% against 41%), as well as the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities (still at 47%).

Also from the weekly report it emerges that three regions are classified as high risk due to multiple resilience alerts. Eleven Regions / Autonomous Provinces are classified at moderate risk; the remainder are classified as low risk according to the Ministerial Decree of 30 April 2020. Nineteen Regions / Autonomous Provinces report at least one single resilience alert. Four report multiple resilience alerts

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