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Three incredible technologies of the new Tesla Model Y

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For the new compact SUV, Model Y, Tesla plays the space card, married as always to the super technology that distinguishes the brand. Here are 7 seats and lots of cargo space, with the cleverness of having every single seat in the second row fold down, creating a flexible cargo space for skis, furniture and luggage of all kinds. It must be said that the opening of the tailgate is very low, and this facilitates loading and unloading, but also that a luggage cover is missing and that there are no rings to anchor small loads. On the other hand, the space is enormous, with 600 liters of rear trunk plus 80 liters in the front trunk, to reach 971 liters (loading up to the ceiling) and even 2,158 with reclined seats. Not bad for a small SUV. But here, we must understand what is meant by “small”: the Model Y compared to the Model X is a microbe, but we are still talking about a machine 4.78 meters long and 1.60 meters high.

But here the lion’s share is super technology: there are 12 sensors of various kinds to detect surrounding cars, prevent possible collisions and provide parking assistance. By the way, the intelligent Summon function debuts (if equipped because it is paid separately) which is designed to allow Model Y to reach the driver (using the phone’s GPS as a destination) or a position of your choice, avoiding any obstacles and stopping according to need. The intelligent Summon function works with the Tesla mobile app as soon as the phone is detected about 6 meters from the car, but in Italy pending legislation in practice it only allows the car to be sent back and forth. Useful function if you want to put the car in a narrow parking lot after getting out of the car.

For the rest, the Model Y sports as standard with emergency braking, anti-collision warning, blind spot detection and much more, including an endless series of video games (to be done with the car stationary) which now also include those automotove that they use the car’s steering as a joystick. With this model, the new App also makes its debut (alone it is a reason for purchasing): simple, intuitive, very fast. And full of information.

But the technology and super electronics should not distract the driver too much: the Model Y is also a beautiful car to drive, very powerful (462 horsepower) and that at the usual dragster accelerations (3.7 seconds from 0 to 100) gives a great road holding thanks to all-wheel drive made with one motor for each axle and fast cornering, thanks to direct and precise steering and slightly stiff suspension (not electrically adjustable). Which translates into a comfort that is not always up to the level of a family car, especially on holes and especially if you choose the larger rims (to be avoided).

However, one of the strengths is the maximum range of 507 km (WLTP) on a single charge. And the possibility of having 270 km of road to cover in 15 minutes with a stop in the Supercharger stations. And, in a way, the range is also unique, especially for a compact SUV. Yes, because the Long Range AWD at 61,970 euros (autonomy 507 km, 351 hp, maximum speed 217 km / h) is a sporty family car, the Performance AWD at 69,970 euros a kind of supercar (autonomy of 480 km, 462 hp, maximum speed of 241 hours). Tesla double choice.


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