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three outbreaks in the facilities and 12 quarantined classrooms

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The Covid positive rate in Romagna remains stable. In the week from 4 to 10 October, 577 positivity was recorded (a rate of 2.4%, equal to that of the previous week) out of a total of 26,259 swabs. There was a decrease in new cases in absolute terms (-52). Compared to the forecasts of the Business Plan, there is a rate of occupancy of beds by patients with Covid, which places us in green level 2, i.e. a level of occupancy of beds in infectious diseases greater than 70%. In total 57 patients are hospitalized, of which 10 in intensive care.

In Ravenna this week there was an outbreak in the hospitals in the Ravenna area and two in the facilities for the elderly. In addition to this, 12 classes of the various schools in the province have been quarantined following cases of Covid that emerged among pupils and staff: these are 2 classes of 0-3 year educational services, one class of one kindergarten (3-6 years), 5 classes of primary school, 3 of lower secondary school, one of upper secondary school. Currently in the province of Ravenna there is only one Covid-free municipality: Bagnara di Romagna.

“Also this week, comments Mattia Altini, Health Director of Ausl Romagna, we are witnessing a decrease in absolute terms of the positivity, albeit in an uneven way among the territories. A trend that has persisted for six consecutive weeks and confirms the importance of the good results obtained with regard to vaccination coverage. But, likewise, this data tells us that the virus is still circulating and that we mustn’t let our guard down in any way. Individual hygiene and protection measures must be maintained and vaccination compliance intensified. The third dose administration campaign has already started for the weaker groups and at the end of the month the administration of the flu vaccine will also start. We all know that the winter months ahead will see a co-circulation of the flu virus and Sars Cov2. A mix that could produce an increase in access to the emergency room and above all complicate the diagnosis, given that the respiratory symptoms, especially in adulthood, are comparable for both Covid and the flu. Soon we will also come out with information on the flu campaign, we reiterate the importance that citizens to whom flu vaccination is recommended adhere. Therefore, I believe that vaccination will have to become a habit for the next few years, waiting to “eradicate” the virus “.

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