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Thrombosis, watch out for food: some may prevent it

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Thrombosis, watch out for food: some may prevent it

Nutrition is a very fundamental aspect. Some foods can positively affect the prevention of thrombosis risk. Here’s what they are.

For years now, thePower supply it is recognized as a very important fact for our health. A piece that allows us to prevent some really unpleasant situations. Like, for example, the thrombosis. A circulation disorder that may get worse with the intake of certain foods. Others, on the other hand, could prevent the risk of thrombosis.


Thrombosis is the result of a blood clot forming in a blood vessel. Defined, in fact, thrombus which hinders the normal course inside the vessel. A situation that, very often, is fatal and of which some attention must be paid. Prevention, therefore, becomes fundamental to say the least in order to avoid any kind of consequence.

As mentioned, nutrition is a really fundamental element. Both positively and negatively, this piece must not be underestimated in any way. A short time ago we talked about the food that could harm the brain. This time around, however, we will look at those who might predict any risk of thrombosis. Also shedding light on those that should be avoided.

Thrombosis, nutrition is essential: which food helps us?

The thrombosis, as well as other ailments, can materialize through various causes. Diagnosis that, as we can imagine, only an expert can formalize. Prevention, however, can also start from the kitchen through a certain type of diet. Which brings to light the preference of certain foods rather than others.

We assume that thrombosis is a circulatory problem. So the preference must go towards foods that allow optimal heart health. We can therefore first mention theolio which contains good fats. An oil that must be extra virgin olive oil. Other foods to watch out for are those they contain Omega 6. Perfect for reducing bad cholesterol and ensuring excellent blood circulation.

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Among the recommended foods there are also vegetables. We can mention celery and artichokes which contain many vitamins and antioxidants, so as to have the regulation of arterial pressure. Other foods that can help us aregarlic and the blueberry juice. The latter also acts as a powerful anticoagulant.

Foods to avoid

We have talked about the foods that help us, now let’s move on to those that would be best avoided. These are foods that turn out to be too processed and that weigh down liver. Their incidence, therefore, does not allow a correct cleaning of the blood. Furthermore, everything must also follow a correct lifestyle. In fact, experts always recommend a balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables.

The information in this article is for informational purposes. What has been read must not in any way replace a therapeutic plan created by experts. Furthermore, the information does not replace a consultation with a specialist or a trusted doctor.

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