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Thuram and Angeliño’s own goal turn everything around LIVE

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Thuram and Angeliño’s own goal turn everything around LIVE

Roma e Inter they compete in the big match of the 24th day of Serie A. First complicated match for From Rossi on the Giallorossi bench, after three victories in the first three against Cagliari, Salernitana and Verona. On the other side Inzaghi aims to increase its lead over Juve, currently at +4 with one match to play. Follow the challenge in direct.


76′ – Double substitution also for Roma

Roma also changes: Pellegrini and El Shaarawy leave and Baldanzi and Zalewski enter.


74′ – Triple substitution by Inter

Triple substitution for Inter: Dimarco, Darmian and Lautaro out, Carlos Augusto, Dumfries and Arnautovic in.


71′ – Double goal for Lukaku

In the space of a few seconds Lukaku misses two goalscoring opportunities: first he finds himself in front of Sommer but loses time and the goalkeeper stops him, then his header misses from a good position.


63′ – Acerbi ko, entra De Vrij

Acerbi touches his calf and asks for a substitution, De Vrij comes on in his place


61′ – Double substitution by De Rossi

De Rossi corrects something and inserts Spinazzola and Bove for Angeliño and Cristante.


59′ – Post by Pavard

Inter press again and Roma are in shock: Pavard hits the outside post from distance.



Inter completes the counter-comeback: action this time on the left, Mkitharyan puts it in the middle and Angeliño, to anticipate Thuram, throws the ball into his own goal. Own goal and 3-2 Inter.


49′ – INTER GOAL, 2-2 by THURAM!

Action developed on the right, Darmian arrives at the back and crosses low to find Thuram, who is very good at anticipating Mancini in the area and hitting Rui Patricio with his right. For the attacker it is 9 goals in the championship.


47′ – Yellow for Mancini

Mancini’s foul slip on Mkhitaryan, the defender gets a yellow card.


46′ – The second half begins

Here we go again, off to the second half.


El Shaarawy’s goal

A deadly counterattack allows Roma to surprise Inter and score El Shaarawy, who beats Sommer with a billiard shot.

El Shaarawy, what a goal in Roma-Inter: crazy billiard shot!


First half statistics

The first half at the Olimpico ends 2-1 for Roma in comeback: look at all the statistics. READ EVERYTHING


Acerbi unlocks the match: the photosequence

The sweep of Lukakuthe header of Unripe and the location of Thuram deemed irrelevant: here is the photo sequence of the first goal at the Olimpico.

Roma-Inter, Acerbi’s goal that unlocks the match: the photo sequence



45+4′ – The first half ends

The first half of the game ends. Inter goes ahead with the goal of Unripe (Thuram’s position considered correct), Roma reacts and reverses the match with the goals of Mancini and El Shaarawyboth on assists from Pellegrini. Giallorossi ahead at half-time.


45+3′ – Tension on the pitch

Lautaro goes down into the area, the Nerazzurri protests break out and the harsh reaction of the Giallorossi. Guida intervenes to calm things down.


44′ – ROMA GOAL! El Shaarawy takes the lead

The Giallorossi complete the comeback and take the lead on the lead: launch of Pellegrini for El Shaarawywho breaks into the area and starts the left-footed player to make it 2-1. Sommer deceived by the rebound off the post, double assist from Pellegrini.


41′ – Dybala responds

Roma reaction with El Shaarawy finding Dybala for the shot in the area, just over the crossbar.


40′ – Dimarco tries

Perfect pass from Lautaro for Dimarcowho breaks through and tries the diagonal which however goes out at the bottom.


38′ – Heavy rain at the Olimpico

The rain on the pitch increases, with the players in increasingly poorer conditions complicate.


Mancini, the dedication after the goal

Here is the celebration of Mancini after the 1-1 goal with a special celebration. READ EVERYTHING


31′ – Very high pace in this phase

Roma’s goal lights up the match and the Olimpico: teams that now challenge each other openly.


28′ – ROMA GOAL! Mancini equalizes with a header

Here’s Roma’s reaction: fantastic free kick by Pellegrini from the distance that reaches the area of Mancinigood header at hitting Sommer to bring the Giallorossi back to parity. During the celebration he dedicates himself to his wife Elisa and his daughter Bianca who is about to be born.


20′ – Goal confirmed, Inter ahead

Guide does not change his decision: validated network, we start again with Inter ahead. The position of is deemed not to have any influence Thuramoffside and in contact with Rui Patricio at the moment of the header of Unripe.


19′ – Guida goes to Var

Check on Acerbi’s network: position is doubtful Thuramwith the race director running to the monitor to evaluate his decision.


17′ – INTER GOAL! Unlock Acerbi

From the developments of the corner kick, Inter unlocks the match. Corner of Dimarco, Lukaku he heads it away but the ball ends up in the area Unripe who counters with his head and beats Rui Patricio for the lead.

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15′ – Barella tries

From outside he tries the shot Stretcher, then deflected for a corner. Another thrill for Roma.


13′ – Pavard dangerous, Rui Patricio blocks

From a corner Pavard pierces the Giallorossi defense and hits a header, but is immediately blocked by Rui Patricio then overwhelmed by the Nerazzurri defender.


7′ – Roma manage the ball

The Giallorossi did better in this first phase, with Inter still not seeing themselves moving forward.


1′ – El Shaarawy is immediately dangerous

Round shot from the edge for the winger, after Lukaku’s pass, and Sommer he must intervene immediately to avoid the goal. Excellent start for Roma.


1′ – Let’s start!

After the Olimpico’s charge, the referee’s whistle arrives: Roma-Inter begins!


Roma and Inter on the pitch

Here we are, the teams are on the field: It’s very close to kick-off.


Roma-Inter, Inzaghi follows from the press gallery

He won’t be on the pitch Simone Inzaghidisqualified, who took his place in the upper part of the press gallery.


Roma-Inter, special guests at the Olimpico

Special guests for the match at the Olimpico between Roma and Inter: Spalletti, Pizarro, Mexes and the actor Alessandro Borghi among the guests.


Teams in the locker rooms

The pre-match warm-up ends. There is little left until the start of the challenge, while theOlympic sing while waiting for the kick-off.


De Rossi: “This is why I chose Huijsen”

De Rossi in the pre-match: “Exciting match, just as the debut and the others were exciting. It’s all a beautiful explosion of strong feelings, but fortunately there’s the match to prepare for. I’m very calm. Llorente he could play, they are two important players and he had come out before with Cagliari. In the last few days we have sipped it and, seeing that Huijsen he’s not on the UEFA list, I preferred to let him play. I have great faith in him, he has great personality and great footing. I’m happy that he will play. Lukaku? I saw a very calm player, like all his teammates. We will face a very strong team, with strengths and also some flaws. Football taught me that anything can happen: we’ll see at the end of the game.”


Teams on the field for warm-up

Meanwhile, the heating of the two teams on the Olimpico lawn: there is little time left until the match begins.

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Rome, here is Smalling: on the bench with Inter

After more than five months of absence the English defender is among those called up and will sit on the bench. READ EVERYTHING


Lukaku changes his life: what he did and what he does now

The attacker who arrived in the capital chose to stay away from the spotlightthe opposite of what happened in Milan. READ EVERYTHING


Lukaku, the great ex of the challenge

Romelu Lukaku – three seasons with Inter between 2019 and 2023, scoring 57 goals in 97 appearances in Serie A – has not found the net against a team he has previously played for in the big-5 European leagues since 25 February 2018, with Manchester United versus Chelsea (2-1 victory); Furthermore, with a goal, the Belgian would reach double figures in nine of his last 10 championships played.


Roma, the precedents against Inter

The Giallorossi arrive at this match strong three consecutive victories. Against Inter, however, Roma lost five of the last six matches in Serie A, including the last two without scoring. Only once in the competition did the Giallorossi lose three matches in a row against the Nerazzurri without scoring, between 1988 and 1999, under the management of Nils Liedholm, Luciano Spinosi and Luigi Radice.


Inter, the official training

INTER (3-5-2): Sommer; Pavard, Acerbi, Bastoni; Darmian, Barella, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Thuram, Lautaro Martinez.


Amadeus on Roma-Inter: “I’ll see it”

The anticipation is growing Sanremo finalbut the conductor Amadeus He has another thought on his mind: Roma-Interwhich he will see despite the preparations. READ EVERYTHING


Rome, the official training

ROMA (4-3-3): Rui Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Huijsen, Angelino; Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini; Dybala, Lukaku, El Shaarawy.


Roma-Inter, De Rossi’s first match

Read the comment from the Director of Corriere dello Sport-Stadio on the first big match of From Rossi on the yellow-red bench. READ EVERYTHING


Roma-Inter, where to watch it on TV and streaming

Here’s how to follow, live on TV or streamingthe match between Roma and Inter. READ EVERYTHING


Roma-Inter, Olimpico in the rain: the situation

Unfavorable weather before the big match between De Rossi and Inzaghi: here are the images.

Olympic Stadium in the rain: the situation before Roma-Inter


Roma-Inter, De Rossi’s probable lineup

This is the possible Giallorossi starting eleven for the match against Inzaghi’s Nerazzurri.

Roma-Inter: De Rossi’s official lineup

Olympic Stadium – Rome

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