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Thus science transforms natural principles into supplements

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Thus science transforms natural principles into supplements

PromoPharma®: 23 Years of Excellence in Nutraceuticals

Since 1998, PromoPharma® has been at the forefront of producing food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics using 100% Made in Italy raw materials in its laboratories in San Marino, nestled in the heart of the ‘Supplement Valley’. Today, the company distributes its products in 38 countries, with a mission to promote health and well-being by integrating science, technology, and nature.

The company has developed over 500 references, thanks to the experience of its internal research and development team. This team constantly endeavors to create innovative, effective, and practical solutions in the nutraceutical field.

PromoPharma® stands as a beacon of excellence in a rapidly growing sector. The interest of both Italian and foreign investors and funds in acquisitions continues to expand each year, highlighting the allure of the sector. Italy itself boasts the largest market for food supplements in Europe, accounting for over a quarter of the total market. Sales are projected to reach 5 billion euros in 2025, with an annual growth rate of nearly 8%.

San Marino’s ‘Valley of supplements’ is a vibrant part of this dynamic reality, with approximately thirty companies sharing a market worth around 170 million euros.

In 2003, Filippo Borsani, the current CEO, acquired PromoPharma, initiating a significant effort to revitalize the brand. The following year, the company made its debut in the market with a new logo and product references, aligning with its unique vision of combining nature and scientific knowledge to improve overall well-being and health.

As PromoPharma® marks 23 years of commitment to excellence, it continues to make significant strides in the nutraceutical industry, solidifying its position as a leader in promoting health and well-being.

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