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TIA or mini-stroke: this is why we need to intervene immediately to avoid brain damage

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TIA or mini-stroke: this is why we need to intervene immediately to avoid brain damage

The arm that suddenly loses strength, the leg that stumbles for no reason, the word that is disjointed, the eye that blurs. Then, after a few minutes, everything returns to normal. These are some of the most classic manifestations of the TIA, which stands for transient ischemic attack.

But does it still make sense to talk about this condition or rather is it a mini-stroke, to be followed and treated with great attention? And above all: can even a temporary phenomenon leave results in the brain?

What is Tia

Case by case the exact diction must be chosen, even if it must be said that the classic definition of TIA, a crisis that does not involve actual brain damage, seems to fit only in a few cases. So? So to think that it is a benign manifestation that leaves no aftermath is wrong.

Even if there are no clear manifestations of the injury on the physical front, as occurs in the case of a true stroke, the brain can often remain “scarred” even by these transitory situations. And for this reason we should not underestimate the problem, but talk to the doctor and start targeted treatments, just as you would do in the case of a real stroke.

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The study with magnetic resonance

An editorial that appeared in JAMAthe signature of J. Donald Easton dell’University of California of San Francisco e S. Claiborne Johnstondell’University of Texas from Austin. What made the difference for a diagnosis that was long considered benign in terms of possible cerebral sequelae, was above all the analyzes carried out with magnetic resonance.

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These and other tests have shown that only very rarely does temporary ischemia leave no marks and, in any case, cannot lead to the loss of neurons. Thanks to the spread of these tests, now the very definition of TIA is called into question.

In the scientific “dictionary” of a few years ago we speak of episodes of temporary and focal cerebral dysfunction of vascular origin, with rapid onset, with symptoms usually lasting from 2 to 15 minutes but occasionally lasting one day. Their maximum duration, to speak of TIA, must not exceed 24 hours in any case.

The importance of timely intervention

Today, however, science warns. Thus, according to what many experts report, TIA and stroke must be considered “a continuum of serious conditions linked to a cerebral ischemia”. And both are indicators of current or imminent disability and risk of death. As if to say that action must be taken immediately, for a situation that requires an immediate investigation. Without sleeping on it because maybe you think that it passes without leaving any aftermath.

Final warning: all cerebral ischemic events even limited in time, which however give symptoms, should be considered as cerebral infarcts. In short: the TIA, is the conclusion, is really a small stroke.

Heart door

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“Undoubtedly there is a discussion on the best way to define a TIA – he explains Mauro Silvestrini, President of Italian Stroke Association and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery – Marche Polytechnic University. However, what must be emphasized in any case is that after an event of this type, a patient must be immediately taken care of and subjected to a careful medical evaluation in order to discover, even by resorting to instrumental tests, what were the causes that determined the problem. This allows you to intervene immediately with the most appropriate therapy.

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A patient who has had a TIA is at risk of having a more serious circulatory problem even after a very short time, especially if the cause of the disorder is a heart problem or a narrowing of the arteries that carry blood to the brain. “

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