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Tick ​​alarm also in the valley. Reports from Brembilla to San Pellegrino. Here’s how to defend yourself

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Tick ​​alarm also in the valley.  Reports from Brembilla to San Pellegrino.  Here’s how to defend yourself

The reports of the presence and of tick bites on the Orobie, and also in the Brembana Valley, are intensifying in particular with a concentration that would be widespread in the mountains between Brembilla (Coren climbing area)San Pellegrino e St. John White (Foldone, Cancervo, Sornadello) e Val Taleggio.


The confirmation of an increase in the presence in our mountains also comes from the Cai of Bergamo: reports of hikers, even bitten, arrive from Val Cavallina and Presolana. To favor the increase are the great heat and the heat. With us there is the possibility that they transmit Lyme disease (treatable), also known as borreliosis, which affects the skin, internal organs and sometimes the nervous system.

“The situation is becoming worrying – he says Andrea Carminati, vice president of Cai Lombardia – with reports coming from all over the Brembana middle valley and also from the rest of the province. The phenomenon is actually spreading ”.

In recent weeks in the Alps, however, the alarm has been triggered especially in Veneto and Piedmont with dozens of people in the emergency room. The bite of a tick can in fact be very dangerous.

Here are the tips of the Cai of Bergamo:

How can we protect ourselves?
When frequenting places where there may be ticks, such as woods, parks and natural areas, suitable clothing must be worn and follow a few simple directions:
Protect yourself
• Wear suitable clothing: closed shoes, shirt inside the pants, in turn
inside the socks.
• Prefer light colors, on which ticks are more easily spotted.
• Avoid walking near bushes and contact with tall grass by staying on paths.
• Avoid sitting on the grass when you are outside.
Control yourself
• At the end of the day, check your body in the mirror or in the shower, including your head.
• Also check your clothes before washing them at a temperature> 30 ° C.
• Remember that the larvae are very small and may look like small moles.
• Also check backpacks, bags, tools and animals.

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Proper use of repellents
Skin repellents can also be used to protect against ticks. However, it is essential that the product label clearly states “effective against ticks”. Products effective against mosquitoes may not be useful against ticks. Some products can also be applied over clothes, as long as it is shown on the label (in Italy the insecticide is available for this purpose
BioKill which is safe and free of side effects for people).

And if I find a mint, what should I do?
Remove the tick immediately, but calmly, trying not to damage it. Tweezers are enough: apply it as close as possible to the tick’s attachment on the skin, pull gently but firmly, imparting a slight rotation movement. Remember to disinfect the part afterwards. In the pharmacy there are special tweezers for removing ticks that work very well.

1 Don’t use petroleum, oils or other liquids: the tick does not choke so easily and it is better if
remains alive
2 Do not burn or squeeze the mint: May regurgitate infected material into the wound
3 Don’t tear the tick: if you remove it this way, the rostrum could remain in the skin.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

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