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TikTok growing in the ranking of the most popular social networks in the world

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The growth of TikTok does not stop. The application’s download record and the increase in the volume of conversations, which peaked in July 2021, show the great popularity of the Chinese platform, which is set to become the leader of social media in 2022.Talkwalker analysis, a company specializing in consumer intelligence, which describes the trends in the social media sector for the next year. Social platforms will become more and more sales channels, allowing the user to purchase directly from the app: an evolution that will be accompanied and supported by new developments ininfluencing marketing, a now dominant marketing methodology. In addition, the creation of the metaversi it will offer companies new opportunities to reach the public: a dynamic already underway before Covid-19 and that the pandemic has accelerated, due to various lockdowns and restrictions that have fueled socialization and online interaction.

At the same time, according to analysts, ours vita social it will no longer be closed between Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, but it could continue in other platforms. Many companies now build their own internal social networks, with in-app forums and features to win and control the attention of their audience. And it is likely, the study reads, that brands will lead a process of decentralization on social media: In 2022, consumers will continue to interact through major social networks, but we may begin to see more and more companies, particularly those in the travel, payments and navigation sectors, incorporating social components directly into their user experience.

The Social media trends report, this year in its seventh edition, is based on a worldwide monitoring carried out through the Talkwalker platform: using artificial intelligence, the experts analyzed conversations on all media, from websites to social networks. media up to blogs, in the period between July 2020 and August 2021. The sentiment analysis (the tenor of the various comments) was performed with an average accuracy of 90%, also detecting sarcasm and ironic comments.

Working with social networks

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The rise
The ByteDance platform has over a billion active people per month and saw grow its subscribers by 45 percent compared to the summer of 2020. Last May it was the most downloaded non-game application in the world, with 80 million new installs. The app’s popularity increased during the pandemic as people spent more time indoors. “Until 2019, conversations on the Chinese social network grew but gradually, while during the various lockdowns we recorded a global average surge of 61% compared to the previous survey, leading the application to exceed 3 billion, unique together with Facebook. of downloads, ”he points out Francesco Turco, Talkwalker marketing executive. In other words, the analysts of the company are not unbalanced on what the number of monthly active users will be but they foresee a greater use of the platform, to the point that TikTok is destined to take over all other social networks in 2022.
TikTok does not exhaust its mission in entertainment, but it offers new commercial opportunities to brands, with tools to carry out advertising campaigns and get in touch with potential customers. More: the Chinese social network is trying to reduce the purchase process to a few clicks, speeding up the transition from the video displayed on the platform to the page of the site that sells the advertised product. And with function TikTok Resumes allows users to publish their resumes and apply for a job offer directly through the platform.

The ticking of the world

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