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Tips for the first cut and fertilization after the winter!

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Tips for the first cut and fertilization after the winter!

A beautiful lawn that blends in with the other parts of the garden makes the garden cohesive and makes it look amazing. The easiest way to invest a little time and effort in getting the grass in shape is to establish a spring lawn maintenance schedule. This includes mowing the lawn, applying lawn fertilizer and removing bare patches, unsightly weeds and moss. A simple springtime lawn care routine will leave you with a lawn you can be proud of, stay in pristine condition, and be the envy of your friends and neighbors, turning you into the go-to place for gardening tips. In the following, we will tell you how you should look after your lawn in the spring!

Caring for the lawn in spring – tips

When the grass starts to grow, it’s a good time to feed and groom the lawn, remove moss, weeds, and start mowing. Also, now is the best time to seed new lawns.

Be careful when mowing the lawn in the spring

lawn care in spring tips for the first cut and fertilization after the winter

In the spring months, when temperatures rise, the grass begins to grow faster. However, if the ground is very wet, or if there is frost or snow on the ground, you should not mow the lawn. You should be careful with the first cuts of the season. To do this, set the mower blades to the highest level and cut off the top third of the growth. Try not to make any quick cuts this time of year and instead focus on improving your overall performance.

Give the grass a few days to recover and then mow again, adjusting the blade height to a lower position. At this time of year, the lawn needs to be mowed once or twice every two weeks at most. Cutting the grass too short increases the risk of drought stress. If you cut your grass too short, you’re exposing it to excess sunlight, which creates an ideal environment for weeds to grow. On the other hand, taller grass often has deeper roots, increasing its ability to suppress weeds.

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When is the ideal time to mow the lawn in spring?

when is the ideal time to mow the lawn in spring

Please wait until the temperature has reached at least 5 degrees consistently over a longer period of time. If you try to mow the grass before it has fully thawed from hibernation, you risk damaging the delicate blades of grass. Also make sure your lawn is completely dry. Most gardeners agree that the safest time to mow is between 8am and 9am. This is because the grass has already dried up by this time and is often already tall.

Spring Lawn Care – Get rid of moss and weeds

spring lawn care remove moss and weeds

During the rainy winter months, your lawn may have been infested with moss and weeds, which compete directly with grass for essential nutrients and soil moisture. Getting rid of moss is another task that needs to be done in the spring. It is highly recommended to use a lawn fertilizer that also acts as a weed and moss killer. This will increase the nitrogen content of the lawn, which will help get rid of the moss. Once the moss is removed, there will be bare patches where there was before. It’s important to grow fresh, healthy grass over these bare patches to prevent them from becoming covered with moss again.

Caring for the lawn in spring: fertilize it

lawn care in the spring fertilize him

Most lawns will grow well without fertilization, providing you with a carpet of green to enjoy most of the year. But even if it’s not necessary, feeding can strengthen the lawn. This is especially true if you want a lush, dense full-grass lawn. When you fertilize your green space, you should:

  • Be aware that producing artificial fertilizer requires a lot of energy and can have a negative impact on the natural environment – so only apply when necessary and use as little as possible to keep your lawn in a healthy condition receive.
  • When the grass on your lawn is green and actively growing (often in late March or April), select a spring/summer lawn fertilizer and apply at the manufacturer’s recommended rate. Do this in mid spring. These fertilizers are high in nitrogen, which encourages leaf growth, and they typically release their nutrients over time.
  • Spread the fertilizer evenly over the turf, preferably in cool, wet weather with a chance of rain, and then give the lawn a little watering. You can fertilize your lawn again if it still seems to be in bad shape after a few months, but don’t wait until August to do so. This would encourage green leaf growth late in the year when the grass is more susceptible to damage from winter cold, pests or disease.
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