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Tips from the ophthalmologist in Mainz for eyelid hygiene

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Tips from the ophthalmologist in Mainz for eyelid hygiene

Prevent and treat dry eyes with regular eyelid hygiene

MAINZ. Dry eyes can be painful and uncomfortable. To prevent or support the treatment of these common eye diseases, it is important to pay attention to the health of the meibomian glands on the edge of the eyelid. If they are clogged or inflamed, this can affect the production of the lipid layer of the tear film, which promotes dry eyes. Dr. med. Thomas Kauffmann, ophthalmologist in Mainz, gives his patients simple tips on how they can support eyelid hygiene:

– As simple as it is effective: No matter how tired you are in the evening, you should definitely take off your make-up if you are wearing make-up. This will help you prevent makeup from irritating your eyes or clogging your meibomian glands. Make-up, dandruff, sebum deposits or adhesions on the eyelids and the base of the eyelashes can be removed with gentle cleaning wipes.

– Gels can also be applied with a cotton pad for cleaning. After cleansing, it is advisable to apply a care cream with moisturizing and soothing ingredients to the sensitive skin around the eyes – especially if the eyelids are dry.

– To properly clean your eyelids, you should first wash your hands. Then place moist, warm compresses on both eyes for a few minutes. This allows the blocked secretions in the meibomian glands to liquefy. Then look up and massage the skin at the base of the eyelashes on the lower eyelid in circular movements. Then close your eyes and massage the skin at the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelids in circular movements with light pressure. Both massages can help prevent dry eyes.

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Your ophthalmologist in Mainz / Wiesbaden with a wide range of services: Dr. Jutta Kauffmann, Dr. Thomas Kauffmann and Dr. Stefan Breitkopf. Do you have questions about the diagnosis or treatment or surgery of eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma? We also specialize in multifocal lenses, retinal detachment, strabismus (crossed eyes) and Botox treatments.

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