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Tiredness and breathing or heart problems could signal a vitamin deficiency that very few know about

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Some nutrients are less well known than others, but no less important. Often it is noticeable that they are missing only when unexplained symptoms arise. In particular, be careful because fatigue and respiratory or heart problems could signal the deficiency of a vitamin that very few people know.

Fatigue is an important wake-up call

Fatigue often tends to be ignored: due to stress and hectic pace, feeling exhausted seems almost normal. Yet this symptom can be a sign that something is wrong.

In particular, the body may be weak because it lacks some nutrients. The first example that comes to mind is iron deficiency, or anemia: this manifests itself, among other things, with a sense of exhaustion.

Another deficiency that causes fatigue is that of potassium. In this case, weakness is often accompanied by headaches and cramps. Fortunately, the problem is solved quickly with the right foods: not only bananas, but also a side dish loved by everyone.

Finally, many know that even a lack of vitamin D can cause an annoying feeling of continuous exhaustion. Moreover, the lack of this nutrient also increases the risk of a very common tumor. You should therefore take enough, and consult your doctor if you are using certain medications that could cause severe vitamin D deficiency.

In short, all these substances immediately come to mind when it comes to fatigue. But few know a vital vitamin to feel full of energy. Here’s which one.

Tiredness and breathing or heart problems could signal a vitamin deficiency that very few know about

According to experts, fatigue could be the body’s way of warning that it is missing a key nutrient: vitamin Q, also known as coenzyme Q or ubiquinone.

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A deficiency of this substance also risks causing cardiovascular disease or respiratory problems. More generally, vitamin Q helps to keep the whole organism strong by transferring energy to the cells. It is also an important beauty ally: ubiquinone, in fact, gives elasticity to the skin.

For all these reasons, getting enough vitamin Q is essential. But where is it found?

Offal, such as chicken, beef and pork liver, are particularly rich in coenzyme Q. Good news for fish lovers too: seafood, tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines are all excellent sources of vitamin Q.

Finally, here is a tip for vegetarians, or those who prefer not to overdo the meat or fish. To get enough vitamin Q, you need to enjoy soy, broccoli or nuts, especially peanuts and pistachios.

In any case, if you are constantly feeling exhausted, it is important to consult your doctor. Only with the right analysis, in fact, it is possible to understand what is the source of the problem.

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