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Tiziana Tozzi and Morgan Algeri died with the car in Lake Como. Accident, mistake, illness or voluntary gesture: the hypotheses

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Tiziana Tozzi and Morgan Algeri died with the car in Lake Como.  Accident, mistake, illness or voluntary gesture: the hypotheses

They had just met, they died on their first date, when the Mercedes SUV that Morgan Algiers38 years old and an airline pilot, had rented on a long-term basis and not for this occasion, broke through the railing and fell into the Lake Como. He was there with him Tiziana Tozzo, 45 years old, separated and mother of a 14 year old. The tragedy occurred on January 6th at around 11pm. The bodies were recovered yesterday at four in the morning by fire brigade divers, the vehicle at 2pm. Some boys saw them talking on the parking lot of Villa Geno, overlooking the lake. The SUV was parked a few meters from the railing when it started forward, breaking the protection and sinking into the muddy, dark waters which immediately drop about fifteen meters at that point. A witness immediately raised the alarm: “I saw a couple get into the car and leave, the car went straight.” Carabinieri and police on site. The rescue was timely, the firefighters with the dinghy searched the lake moved by the strong wind, but there was no way to dive so low. The divers who are stationed in Turin and who recovered the bodies in the morning were needed. The Como Flying Squad is investigating and currently does not rule out any hypotheses, even if it considers some less probable and denies that anyone saw the two arguing. The fact that Tiziana and Morgan knew each other for a very short time, a relationship born on social media, does not seem to support the path of passion, jealousy, feminicide and so on. The relationship wasn’t even established. Even the personalities of the two, he is affirmed and wealthy, he is a lover of life and she is a lover of her son, do not seem to strengthen the choice of a tragic event. For this reason, the investigations also follow the trail of an accidental event, such as a failure of the vehicle, the braking system or the control unit, or an illness of the 38-year-old.

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But much remains to be clarified about the dynamics investigations they do not discard any hypothesis, nothing is excluded, not even human error. The prosecutor ordered the seizure of the SUV and placed the bodies at the disposal of the judicial authorities; autopsies will probably take place shortly. The investigations on the Mercedes SUV will begin from today. Again according to some witnesses, the car was parked next to a restaurant, six-seven meters from the lake railing. The mystery remains of what happened, on the cold night of January 6th, with the wind blowing strongly, a couple meeting for the first time and therefore presumed to be emotionally involved. And an SUV that suddenly climbs onto the sidewalk, destroys a stone bench, breaks through the fence and sinks.


Algiers, entrepreneur, expert pilot and flight instructor, sportsman, diver and animal lover, lived in Brembate di Sopra (Bergamo). Tiziana Tozzo, separated from her, lived with her son in Cantu, worked as a worker in the Bolton food shop in Cermenate. She had lost her mother and remembers a colleague, Federica: «she lived for her, her son, she was her priority. But she was looking for love, also because she showed love for everyone, she was good, cheerful, available, a kind-hearted person. And she loved me.”
The date was not known to the friends, even the police confirm recent traces of acquaintances between the two. Valeria, who had heard Tiziana on Friday, knew nothing about it: «she was a very dear colleague of mine – she remembers her – she. Very cheerful and a hard worker. We spoke on Friday and she didn’t say anything to me, we said “see you on Monday at work…” I’m so sorry, also for her son.” Even Morgan Algeri’s friends are shocked: «A football partner, above all a dear friend, what happened still seems incredible to us».

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