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To keep our health under control we should do these 5 blood tests every year

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To keep our health under control we should do these 5 blood tests every year

Keeping our health under control is essential: here are the 5 tests that need to be done annually

We have all spent, some more or less, very dark years during the coronavirus pandemic. Our lives have changed, changing our approach to the world that surrounds us, and in particular also with the monitoring of our health. In fact, every time we experience a sudden fever, cold, cough or pain of any kind, we immediately go into alarm.

We have been indelibly marked by the uncontrolled pandemic which has managed to place a very important focus on the checks we should periodically carry out to check our physical state. Checks which, however, too often, we tend to postpone. Are you really sure you are monitoring your values? Here’s what are the 5 blood tests that should be done every year to understand if our body is in balance.

Due to the frenzy of work and the responsibilities we face every day, too often we tend to ignore the signals from our body. Stress can lead to very particular psychophysical conditions, which can unbalance our body. But even without this dose of stress, and without particular symptoms, our blood values ​​should be checked periodically.

Indeed, even if we live in a state of apparent calm, our blood can give us important answers about how our body is, if there are hidden problems that we perhaps ignore, and if we need to undertake treatment to safeguard our health. This is why we should stop periodically and do a complete check-up, carrying out these 5 blood tests.

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Which ones are they?

Getting blood tests done is very important, and it happens that we put them off too often. Periodically, in fact, we should check our body’s blood sugar levels, which allows us to monitor the concentration of sugars present in the blood. Secondly, a blood count which returns important information about white and red blood cells.

As a third test, cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides should absolutely not be overlooked: this, in fact, allows us to monitor our lipid metabolism. The fourth exam concerns the Creatinine, urea nitrogen, and uric acid: fundamental values ​​for controlling renal function. Finally, the transaminases, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin: in this way, we will be able to obtain important information about the health of our liver.

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