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To rest well it is important to remove these objects from the room: they negatively interfere with sleep

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To rest well it is important to remove these objects from the room: they negatively interfere with sleep

Your surroundings are essential for a good night’s sleep. Here are the objects to eliminate in order not to risk insomnia.

Sleep phase is as important as waking phase. Without a good restorative rest, one can experience annoying symptoms which, over time, are capable of triggering a terrible vicious circle. Headache, poor concentration and irritability are just some of the consequences that can be experienced.

Often, we try to remedy the problem by taking relaxing herbal teas or even by purchasing drugs created for this purpose. Actually, before resorting to such remedies, it is important also act on any external causes. The surrounding environment, which is the backdrop for long sleepless nights, has a decisive influence on the ability to fall asleep quickly.

Perhaps, not everyone knows that there are objects, widespread in homes, potentially harmful to people’s rest.

The most harmful objects for sleep: what not to keep in the bedroom

In the common imagination, what causes more problems in falling asleep is the presence of electronic devices. All experts agree on this thesis, but there are other itemsdecidedly unsuspected, which can have a similar effect.

Objects to be removed to sleep – tantasalute.itKeep plants in your bedroom it is a widely used habit. It is thought to make the environment more beautiful and welcoming, however, when night falls, things could take on another perspective. Overly fragrant flowersin fact, they risk interfering with the sleep phase and causing annoying headaches as the hours go by. Hyacinths, daffodils and aromatic plants should be avoided to focus on more delicate smells.Clocks, including analog alarm clocks, are capable of causing similar effects. Indeed, in the silence of the night the ticking of the hands risks becoming unbearable. Even if not all people are sensitive to this type of sound, there are those who cannot fall asleep in such conditions. Work and relaxation never go hand in hand. Increasingly, of has a tendency to place papers and index cards to be completed next to the bed. The desire to double-check the tasks performed can become impossible to manage. However, this does nothing but create an unfavorable and messy environment, with the addition of anxiety, stress and unjustified fears.Exercise is essential for the physical and mental well-being of the organism, however, it is preferable not to store the objects used for training in the bedroom. The brain, on a subconscious level, could associate their vision with sports activity and therefore prevent correct relaxation. Finally, the role of food should not be underestimated either. Snacks at night or immediately before falling asleep risk weighing down digestion and creating stomach problems. Furthermore, external packaging, crumbs and plastic bags, if not thrown away immediately after, can transform the bed into a real mess.

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