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Toasts. Perrino Nuclear Medicine confirms itself as a Pet / Ct center of excellence

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Toasts.  Perrino Nuclear Medicine confirms itself as a Pet / Ct center of excellence

BRINDISI – For the third consecutive year, the Nuclear Medicine complex operating unit of the Perrino hospital in Brindisi has obtained the recognition of an accredited Pet / Ct center of excellence in the Earl program of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. The unit directed by Artor Niccoli Asabella has earned the prestigious quality seal also thanks to the more than 5800 diagnostic services carried out in 2021, about 3000 of which were PETs. Perrino is one of the 10 accredited Pet / Ct centers in Italy and the only one in Puglia.

“In addition to being a guarantee for the patient – explains the head physician – the achievement of the certificate of excellence represents an opportunity for Brindisi Nuclear Medicine to be able to participate in research projects that may develop in our hospitals. The important thing, to obtain this recognition, is to guarantee the continuity over time of the requirements achieved, passing the periodic checks of the institution that ensure that our center complies with the necessary quality criteria. The
recognition is the result of the synergistic work of a group of professionals made up of nuclear doctors, medical radiology technicians, professional nurses and oss ​​of the operational unit of Nuclear Medicine and the very important contribution given by the Perrino Health Physics service, led by Maria Giovanna Natali, which deals with quality certification tests “.

Health Physics – says Natali – guarantees the correct execution of the checks according to the standards required by the certifying body. We are proud to be able to achieve and maintain the required levels since 2020 “. The person responsible for carrying out the checks is Eleonora Maggiulli who explains: “To obtain accreditation it is necessary to carry out quality checks on a quarterly and annual basis. The tests are carried out using “puppets” that simulate the human body e
a solution of distilled water and fluorine 18, the same radioactive isotope used for examinations on patients. Controls require very high levels of precision, both in the design phase and in the execution phase. Health Physics takes care of acquiring the images and transmitting the simulation data to the certifying body: only if the results meet the requirements requested by Earl, the structure obtains the certification “.

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Niccoli Asabella underlines that “this certificate is important for the ASL not only because it is a goal achieved but because it represents the starting point for improving and continuing to offer an increasingly advanced service. On this point, we are confident for the renewal of the technological park of equipment thanks to the resources that will come from the NRP ”.

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