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«Today he is toothless and weighs 50 kg»- breaking latest news

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«Today he is toothless and weighs 50 kg»- breaking latest news
from Clarida Salvatori

Fulvio Tomaselli explains why he made public the conditions of Lando Buzzanca, hospitalized at the Gemelli Polyclinic: He suffered from aphasia and for an actor not the best. as for a pianist to lose a hand

Today of Lando Buzzanca remains a 10% of what was. In all senses. He was 1.87 meters tall and weighed 83 kilos. Until 2021 he had a perfect physique, beyond his wit and his sympathy. Today a shrunken, emaciated man, toothless e peser s e no 50 chili. His leg as much as my arm: these are the words he uses Fulvio Tomaselli to describe the health conditions of your client today admitted to the Gemelli Polyclinicafter one
fall from wheelchair in RSA
(Health care residence, ed) in which he had been for about a year. What it is I cannot say and in any case it is of little importance. The RSA are not places of care.

Why did he do that long post on social media explains it directly Tomaselli: I haven’t been able to see Lando since April 21 last year. But having worked for 50 years in the health sector, I am able to obtain indirect information on his health conditions
. And when they told me how I got to Gemelli two weeks ago, I couldn’t believe it. Yesterday then Francesca (Della Valle, his partner, ed) managed to visit him and I had confirmation of it: he was dozing, he ate with difficulty, he had bedsores and he muttered to her: “Take me away”.

But what happened on April 21, 2021? Lando, the night after the second dose of the Covid vaccine was administered at the Auditorium, he had an illness and fell – recalls Tomaselli -. was found the following morning on the floor by the maid. I don’t want to say that the cause is the vaccine, maybe it would have fallen anyway. But after that came call the ambulanceLando was brought at the Santo Spirito hospital From Rome. I called to make myself available since I knew her his medical historybut I haven’t been able to get in touch with him since.

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The acquaintance between Buzzanca and Tomaselli dates back to eight years ago. It was 2014 when he sought me to solve gods vascular problems – explains the doctor again -. I’m a angiologo and he wanted to do prevention, that’s why he had also done speech therapy. Lando suffered from aphasiai.e. could not pronounce the words. And this is not the best for an actor. as for a pianist to lose a hand. But I never saw in him signs of senile dementia, as I have never seen any medical certificate attesting to it. So much so that despite the attempts, Buzzanca not been banned by the tutelary judge, but has a support administrator. Then the law that establishes it, the 6 of 2004, is to be abolished, also to save Nando, another matter.

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