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Togg: “We will transform the car into a new generation smartphone”

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The mobility revolution now passes through Turkey. Yes, because at the last Ces in Las Vegas Togg, the Turkish technological brand presented something never seen before: a concept vehicle, which prefigures the first ultra-connected “smartphone” equipped with holographic technology at the service of the user, but also an approach unconventional to smart life and personal mobility: its revolutionary concept “UseCase Mobility”, the technological solutions “Data-Based Business Models”, “New Mobility Services”, “Smart Life” and “Smart Charging” surprised a little all. So we asked Gurcan Karakas ?, CEO of Togg himself, the meaning of this challenge, considering that they themselves do not share a traditional car company. “We are a technology company operating in the field of mobility, with a geographical location where East and West – the visionary Karakas explained to us? – mind and emotion meet. In the new world, where the automotive industry is rapidly developing transforming it into a mobility ecosystem, we produce mobility solutions that have the user and his world as its center “.

But everyone says this a bit …

“You see, the point is that Togg proposes a completely user-centric approach to mobility. We believe that a product must receive its value through the user, otherwise it is destined to last a short time. Togg has therefore put the user at the center of the definition of your smart device, thus developing it smart, empathic, connected, autonomous, shared and electric. The “Usecase Mobility” concept is the platform that includes all these solutions: it consists of various integrated technological solutions, such as data driven business models (based on blockchain technology and gamification scenarios), new mobility services (smart mobility solutions interconnected without constraints), smart solutions applied to the home and urban context (where the smart device becomes a third physical place where the user can live by managing all its connected devices and services), and finally smart energy solutions (based first of all on the experience during and after charging, for example r reduce anxiety about autonomy and recharging) “.

Why did you choose Ces 2002 to launch your project and not a car show?

“We see ourselves as a company in the technology sector. We feel that we belong more to events like Ces 2022 rather than to the major events in the automotive world. All eyes this year are on CES, as always happens, so it seemed to us a fundamental moment during which to present our brand “.

You define your revolutionary mobility solution. Because?

“Togg is transforming the car into a new generation smart device. This tool is much more than a car and the Usecase Mobility concept with its solutions is part of our mobility ecosystem called” Smart Life “. This sets us apart from traditional had manufacturers who design, develop and sell cars. Our work starts where theirs ends. “

Togg is an emerging company in the hi-tech market, how do you think you can beat the giants of this sector?

“The transformation that has characterized the mobile phone industry in response to the changing needs of the user is also happening in the automotive world. The most agile, collaborative, user-centered organizations, and not necessarily the big established brands, will be those. with the greatest success in the near future. The competition on this level has only just begun, and we are among the competitors. However, we have the great advantage of being born into this new world. “

Can you explain the strategy of the “UseCase Mobility” project?

“Our Usecase Mobility platform is at an advanced stage of development and has been defined with an approach that makes it user-centered, smart, empathetic, connected, autonomous, shared and electric. We have added value by integrating all systems and devices. smart, thus allowing the user to manage them from a single screen and a single application “.

According to its project, the electric powertrain fuses autonomous and interconnected systems into a single ecosystem. What experience will it be for the user in the real world?

“The upcoming Smart Life C-Suv is much more than the smart cars that other brands have presented. These offer solutions for the car itself and for driving, such as telephony, maintenance, charging stations, etc. With Togg Smart Life, the car becomes an assistant that thinks alongside the user in different moments of life, working in tandem with smart devices at home, with the so-called urban smart grid, and with all products connected to the internet. This opens up unprecedented support scenarios. For example, we will be notified if we leave the iron on, if our child’s school bus is late or if our shopping delivery has been postponed. Thanks to the over-the- update. air, moreover, new services and new apps will be constantly added to the Togg ecosystem “.

Togg announces that it is ready to propose an advanced mobility solution that combines electrical, autonomous and interconnected systems. When will it be on the market?

“The development and test phase will end in July 2022, while the series production phase is expected to be completed at the end of 2022. The homologation phase and the launch in the domestic market is planned for the first quarter of 2023. After the launch of the C-SUV in 2022, a sedan and a hatchback in the C segment will follow a year later. A B-SUV and a C-segment minivan will then be added to the range. All these 5 models will share the DNA of the concept exhibited at Ces 2022 “.


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