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Tommaso Zorzi, the former gieffino on the hospital bed: this is how he is after the operation

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Tommaso Zorzi, the former gieffino on the hospital bed: this is how he is after the operation

Very difficult moments are those that Tommaso Zorzi is going through following an intervention. He wanted to send a message to all his fans straight from the hospital bed.

It was these gods very troubling moments for fans of Tommaso Zorzi who ended up in one operating room due to a very delicate intervention.

Tommaso Zorzi newsabruzzo.it

But what happened to the former gieffino?

Tommaso Zorzi’s operation

During the fifth edition of the VIP Big Brother, Tommaso Zorzi managed to bring home the vittoria. Today, however, we talk about him not for his success but for a health problem which concerns him personally.

In fact, he had announced to all his followers what was about to happen. Indeed, through a Stories su Instagramhe had revealed that one was coming Announcements following a appointment made with the doctorI just made a doctor’s appointment and I need surgery. Nothing serious, I have to circumcise myself. The post will be annoying, because it’s healing month. I won’t be able to have sex, it’s painful even if you get an erection, so I think I’ll wallpaper the house with pictures of my mother or relatives or saints, so if I get the urge I look at them so I don’t even feel like it” .

Tommaso Zorzi in hospital newsabruzzo 20221117
Tommaso Zorzi in hospital newsabruzzo.it

After the operation, it was Tommaso Zorzi himself who wanted to update all his fans through a very short video in which he appears clearly stunned”Good morning, everything went well and I wish the effect of this morphine would never end”.

And this is what we can read on the gossip.it website. But what does it consist of the operation to which Tommaso Zorzi had to undergo?
It is a very common intervention among boys which provides the partial or total removal of the foreskin. We are talking about those flaps of skin that have the task of covering the glans.

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Just as we read on the site of the Umberto Veronesi foundationit is possible to affirm that this intervention goes to reduce the incidence of chronic infections of the glans and of cancer of the head of the penis. It is a question of neoplasms almost totally absent among the Jews which coincide immediately after birth “Furthermore, it is more difficult for circumcised men to contract the HIV virus, even if the immunological mechanism underlying this defense is not yet known. No preventive effect, on the other hand, was detected in contact infections: viral (papillomavirus) and bacterial (gonorrhea and syphilis).

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