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Too many “vaccine exemptions”, 4 doctors reported • Imola Oggi

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Too many requests still on the desks. Too many requests for vaccine exemptions. It was this that made the Nas of Catania suspicious, who denounced 4 doctors not authorized to issue certificates of exemption to the anti-Covid vaccination. The investigation started with checks carried out at the hubs of the province to check the regular issue of the Green pass.

Attention has been extended to health documentation not yet processed, presented by numerous citizens who have requested exemption from vaccination, with medical certificates not issued by vaccinators, as indicated by the provisions issued by the Ministry of Health, but by medical doctors. general and health professionals who do not work as part of the vaccination campaign.

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Vaccine exemptions

Only the certifying doctors of the vaccination centers, on the basis of specific documented clinical conditions, can exempt applicants from vaccination, even temporarily. The reported doctors, on the other hand, issued exemptions from vaccination certifying that their patients could “be admitted to any social and work environment, showing no symptoms or signs of infectious or contagious diseases in progress”. www.rainews.it



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