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Torre del Lago, 4 staff overwhelmed by toys in Puccini’s theater

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Torre del Lago, 4 staff overwhelmed by toys in Puccini’s theater

The 4 staff had been annoyed by the scenes of the play they had been performing Pucciniano Theater of Torre del Lago within the province of Lucca. Their circumstances aren’t but identified however none are mentioned to be in crucial situation.

Firefighters offered the primary studies. A fireplace brigade from Lucca’s command intervened to assist 4 staff who had been caught beneath some items who had been pouring themselves contained in the Puccini Theatre. “When the group arrived, the victims had already been taken out by the theater workers,” mentioned the police.

The 4 had been then rushed to the hospital by well being staff.

These are the 4 Puccinia Festival workers. According to the reconstruction, the accident occurred after they had been reducing the rigging to put in the fastened wings on the stage. These components had been damaged and hit after they had been unloaded from the truck, utilizing a crane hook.

Among the 4 workers, one appears to have hit his foot, and two are injured within the again however – based on first hand info – despite the fact that they had been in ache they had been in a position to stand and stroll independently, a fourth suffered an elbow harm.

“They are our common workers – explains the Puccinia Festival Foundation – all of the skilled workers have been working for us for years, they wore security tools, sneakers, helmets and gloves, and had obtained sufficient coaching in occupational security. We are ready for information from the hospital.”

There had been a complete of six crew members and a supervisor through the prop launch. Metal elements might have separated from the anchor utilized in transportation.

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