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Toshiba 50C350LK 4K LED TV Graphical Evaluation: Designed for Practical Players

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Toshiba 50C350LK 4K LED TV Graphical Evaluation: Designed for Practical Players

The Japanese brand Toshiba has been very active in developing the entry-level 4K TV market in recent years, but the specifications will not be rude. Even if the entry price is worth it, it can also correspond to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and can successfully light up Netflix and Disney+! As for the Toshiba 50C350LK that this article evaluates for everyone, it is equipped with the latest Hong Kong version of Google TV system, which is more complete in function! As for this article, the editor will deconstruct the many features of this TV with you!

The 50C350LK has a slim body design, so it doesn’t take up much space whether it is placed on a table or on a wall.

Introductory value, practical functions are readily available

The 50C350LK is a 50-inch 4K LED TV model, designed for entry-level and practical players! Physical resolution of 3840 x 2160, built-in Google TV system, support for voice control! Default Google Play, Youtube and Netflix apps, but also compatible with apps like Disney+ and Apple TV! The specifications also include support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG display, and the highest possible support for Dolby Atmos in sound effects! As for the connection, it can also have 3 sets of HDMI for connection, one of which supports HDMI eARC return!

The 50C350LK has three sets of HDMI terminals, one of which is HDMI eARC sound return!

In addition to Dobly Atmos and Vision, movies also support DTS HD decoding and playback!
Goolge TV is pre-installed on your TV, and apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Youtube are pre-installed when you turn it on!

Actual experience: the default Hong Kong version of Google TV is easy to operate

The editor has successively tested Netflix and Disney+ two streaming video apps, and found that the 50C350LK is quite flattering in the smoothness of the video. Even when dealing with 4K/24p sources, the picture can maintain a good fluency, and at the same time it can maintain a good Cinematic! In terms of color, the standard color tone preset by the TV is cooler, which is mainly used for watching information programs under normal indoor light! If you want to watch movies or TV shows for a long time, it is more suitable to use the “movie” mode with a warmer color temperature! As for the color standard displayed in Dolby Vision (bright) mode, it is not bad, even if it does not need special adjustment, it still meets the good color standard! It is worth mentioning that the 50C350LK needs to manually turn on the “HDMI Enhanced Mode” to output the new 4K Dolby Vision or 4K HDR signal smoothly, everyone needs to pay attention!

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Most everyday apps can be installed directly in Google Play, including Disney+ and Apple TV, and more!
The 50C350LK can output Dolby Vision and Atmos movies on Netflix smoothly!

The color standard displayed by the 50C350LK in Dolby Vision (Bright) mode is not bad, and it also meets the basic color standard without special adjustment!

50C350LK has a certain picture quality performance when playing video discs, which is enough to meet the needs of general daily applications!
After selecting the HDMI input, you can press the red circle button on the remote control to enter “Catalog/HDMI Format” to set it!
When the HDMI format is changed to “enhanced format”, the TV can output the external hardware Dolby Vision signal smoothly!

Equipped with game low-latency mode + can output up to Dolby Vision 60Hz video

The editor also specially tested its “instant game response” effect with XBOX Series X and PS5, and found that 50C350LK does not support Dolby Vision 120Hz display, and other audio and video functions such as Dolby Vision 60Hz output, Dolby Atmos, etc., can take care of them one by one! Test XBOX Series X “Forza Horizon 5” and find that the hand-eye synchronization is improved after turning on the “Instant Game Response” mode!

The 50C350LK has the “Instant Game Response” function, which can reduce the low signal delay!
As long as you enable the “Real-time Game Response” mode in the advanced settings, you can reduce the video signal lag time difference!
The actual test of the XBox Series shows that the 50C350LK can achieve up to 4K Dolby Vision 60Hz output (above), while the PS5 can display 4K HDR 60Hz, which is enough to meet the needs of ordinary gamers! (The following figure)

Conclusion: “Supporting specifications are complete and complete! Cost-effective and practical Google TV”

The Japanese Toshiba 50C350LK, which mainly focuses on the entry-level 4K route, mainly focuses on applicable functions in terms of specifications. In addition, it is equipped with the latest Hong Kong version of the Google TV operating system, and there are more changes in the application level. It is quite suitable for users who prioritize price and practicality. ! Compared with the earlier two generations of Toshiba 4K TVs, the 50C350LK has obviously made a big jump in the fluency of the operating system! Only the TV panel still has physical limitations in terms of light control ability, which is not suitable for viewing in a light-off environment, but it is easy to watch in a normal home lighting space! As a practical first-hand user, Toshiba is worth the price in terms of sound and picture functions, but the sound and picture performance is by no means the type pursued by audio-visual players! If everyone simply pursues low-end and mid-range lighting models and daily applications, the 50C350LK can actually meet all your needs!

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Specification Highlights

♦ Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
♦ System: pre-loaded built-in Google TV, built-in Google Play, Youtube, Netflix, corresponding voice control
♦ Network: Dual Band WiFi (2.4G/5G)
♦ HDR picture quality: Support Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
♦ Sound: Support up to Dolby Atmos
♦ HDMI specification: HDMI x3 (corresponding to eARC sound return)
♦ Pricing (HKD): $4490 (43 inches) / $5490 (50 inches) / $6490 (55 inches)
♦ Details: https://www.toshiba-tv.com.hk/product-page/50c350lk
♦ Enquiries: 2153 1212 (HISENSE Hong Kong)

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