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Tottenham, Paratici: “We supported Conte, goodbye, right choice for everyone”

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 Il direttore sportivo degli Spurs parla della separazione dal tecnico e conferma la fiducia del club a Stellini

The stormy parting from Antonio Conte has left its mark on the house Tottenhambut the divorce from the Italian coach was essentially inevitable after the harsh outburst of the person concerned and the high voltage in the locker room. An incurable situation as also confirmed by Fabio Paratici through the official Spurs channel. “We know how difficult a season it has been, on a personal level, for Antonio: the death of Ventrone, that of Vialli, the operation – explained the sporting director of the English club -. We supported him, we were all close to him, but in the end we came to this agreement and I think it was the right decision for everyone“.

Cristian Stellini he managed the team when Antonio was ill and did well. He has a lot of experience as a second and in the past he was also the head coach – continued Paratici looking at the final part of the season -.
We are very very confident. Near will have
Ryan Mason who can help him a lot, because he’s been at the club for a long time and knows everything about how things are done here and about this group of players. The two of them together
they can do a great job“.

“I tell the fans to continue supporting us as they have done so far because they are truly fantastic – continued the Spurs sporting director addressing the supporters -. They must continue to support the team, Stellini, Ryan and all the staff because we need them to achieve our goals”. ”
We will fight for these until the end of the season – he continued -. The
media speculation about the new coach they are only speculations and should not be followed, we will support Stellini.

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With 10 games to go it would have been too difficult to change everything. We have to focus on the team and the coach – he added -. The Premier League is always tough and we have many prepared teams that are in the running with us for fourth place, but we want to play it and we are ready to fight until the end to achieve our goals”. “We are on the right track – concluded Paratici speaking again of the Champions area goal -. But obviously we are focused on improving in view of the season finale and on continuing to grow in the next one as well”.

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