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Toxins, done away with forever thanks to this easy tea

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Toxins, done away with forever thanks to this easy tea

It takes two things to stay healthy: a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. We all know it, but how many know that tea is the perfect ally to eliminate toxins? Not just any tea but tea kombucha

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Eliminating toxins means health and beauty because regularly purifying the body prevents cellular aging and fights cellulite.

Before describing the characteristics and the beneficial effects of this type of tea, we recommend that you practice regular physical activity to help your metabolism and eat properly by undergoing periodic checks.

Goodbye toxins thanks to kombucha tea

Il kombucha it is part of a millenary tradition linked to health. In recent months, he has become famous and depopulated on the web thanks to many influencers.

It is a fermented, slightly sparkling drink made from sweetened tea. It comes from green tea or black tea and it transforms itself creating a gelatinous substance on the surface. During the fermentation phase, natural sugars, carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol are spontaneously produced. Fermented for a short time it will be soft and sweet, while left to ferment for longer the flavor will be stronger.

tea toxins
tea eliminate toxins

Kombucha can be prepared at home or bought in stores (online and physical).

It is preferable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking it: consumption must, however, be moderate.

Kombucha tea: beneficial effects

Il kombucha it is able to eliminate toxins effectively but not only.

Here’s what they are all the benefits of this tea for the organism:

  • Eliminates toxins above all thanks to the content of glucuronic acid but also to the high quantities of digestive enzymes, organic acids and antioxidants;
  • Prevents cellular aging (skin and internal organs) thanks to antioxidants. Catechins and polyphenols protect the skin from the sun’s rays;
  • Prevents cognitive pathologies;
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the blood, reduces the presence of fat in the arteries and reduces pressure thanks to flavonoids and catechins (therefore, protects the heart), slows down the absorption of sugars and digestion;
  • It improves the functionality of the intestine by increasing healthy bacteria and protecting the stomach and intestines from harmful ones, reduces gas formation and eliminates stomach acids.
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tea toxins
the elimination of toxins – Bedquotidiano.it

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