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Traffic will produce energy: the brilliant idea from Turkey that takes advantage of the negative side of cities

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A wind turbine that generates power from passing traffic is the latest clean energy breakthrough on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. The vertical devices, known as ENLIL, are able to exploit the air currents created by moving vehicles to produce energy that is associated with that obtained from the solar panel they are equipped with on the top.

Researchers from Istanbul Technical University worked with a team from technology company Devecitech to create the mechanism. The breeze produced by passing cars might not seem very powerful, but ENLIL’s long, vertical blades are powerful enough to produce one kilowatt of energy per hour.

A single turbine equipped with a solar panel can produce enough electricity to power two Turkish families for one day. Modern, well-designed standard wind turbines have a life expectancy of 20 years, something that ENLIL may one day surpass.

In fact, each turbine has a simple design, easy to assemble and also to repair. The device is small enough to be placed close to moving vehicles without creating disruption and occupies a minimal surface area no matter where it is. This allows for easy transportation and assembly in areas where traditional wind turbines may not be practical, such as city streets and buildings.

But the environmental benefits of ENLIL extend further. The turbines also take advantage of a number of intelligent technologies that track the temperature, humidity, CO2 rate and seismic activity of the surrounding area. Each measurement provides valuable information that is passed on to Istanbul’s environmental authorities and scientists. The turbine was devised by entrepreneur Kerem Deveci, who began work on the project while completing his civil engineering degree several years ago.

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