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Training with a personal trainer: here’s where and at what cost

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Training with a personal trainer: here’s where and at what cost

In the large gym, in the fitness studio or in the Pilates studio, the trend is personalized training. Is it worth it? Let’s see the options

The trend is constantly on the rise, especially in the post-pandemic period: it is therepersonalized training practicable in the mega structures now back to full and complete activity, in the small gym, in the pilates studio where the famous method is practiced exclusively on dedicated tools. The change of pace? Training with a trainer was once the preserve of VIPs and celebrities: now it’s within everyone’s reach. Affordable prices, agreeable times, targeted training aimed at individual objectives. On balance, it becomes a bargain. In addition to the physical benefits, the trainer by your side while you are engaged in squats and lunges, offers psychological support, motivation, controls movement, corrects. Where to train? Here are the options.

Training with a trainer in a large gym

You can train in a frontal situation, alone or in small groups, maximum three-four people thus the costs also decrease. The structure equipped with all types of equipment, allows the personal trainer to set up workouts based on individual needs, but it can often vary the programs, offer new and effective stimuli at each lesson due to the availability of tools made available. Subscription required and the purchase of the lesson package.

Training with the personal trainer in the fitness studios

Equipped spaces, gyms but in miniature: book yours now and have exclusive trainers and machines. You buy time and if you train during the interval, you don’t waste the whole lunch break. Additional benefit? In general, you pay by admissions, or you buy ticket packages, thus eliminating the cost of the season ticket and not risking not taking advantage of it. A clarification: these spaces are “spartan”, they have no spaces for socializing, nor spas, bars or restaurants.

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Pilates studio training: how it works

They seem to be in high demand and popular; some even have a waiting list. You train only with the famous method, on tools, even here in single lessons or in small groups. Also recommended for those in need of rehabilitation, he pilatesonce only the prerogative of dance schools, has approached everyone. The particularity? Generally no subscription is required: packages with lessons can be purchased.

Workout at home or outdoors

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or want to take advantage of open spaces, there is an alternative: the trainer can come at home, if you have a home that allows it or follow you in training at the park. Advice? Whatever the choice, rely only on qualified and certified professionals. Ask for references. Good to know that the solution, in this case, is not really cheapbut if you opt for a maximum of two-three people it becomes affordable.

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