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trips to three regions of patient zero- breaking latest news

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An Eni employee, vaccinated with a double dose, the man who landed in Fiumicino from Mozambique on 11 November: since then he has been at home in Caserta and then in Milan (where he tested positive). He was ready to leave, now in isolation with his family

The path that led the variante Omicron

in Italy (or at least the first case of which one is aware) it begins 17 days ago from Mozambique: fa tappa a Fiumicino, then a Caserta, then to Milano and again in the direction Fiumicino to return to the African country, only to then go straight to the city of Campania given the positive result of the swab.

A multi-stop trip, but with no casualties on the way if not within the four walls of the home: they will test positive, with mild symptoms of the disease, only patient zero and the five family members.

The Omicron variant, on which definitive confirmation will arrive in days, was sequenced bySacco hospital in Milan and the tracing carried out by the Ats of Milan, before moving on to the ASL campana, because the reason for the short return to Italy of the man was, in fact, in the Lombard capital.

Let’s go in order, according to what the Courier service he learned.

On 11 November the man, an Eni employee residing in Caserta e vaccinated with a double dose against Covid, returned from Mozambique to Italy to carry out a routine check-up by the company. At the time of departure her health was good, she had no symptoms and tested negative for Covid.

Landed in Fiumicino, he went by car to Caserta to spend a few days with his family (at home he lives with his wife, two small children and two in-laws).

The November 15 restarts from Caserta with a rental car paid for by the company bound for Milan to carry out the check-up before returning to Mozambique: he arrives in Milan on the evening of the 15th. Here sleeps in a hotel and the following morning, on November 16, he goes to the health facility that the company relies on for employee checkups, where they also carry out a swab.

The man leaves by car for Fiumicino where he will have to embark again for Mozambique, only to receive during the journey a call from the doctor of the facility informing him of the positive result of the swab.

That’s why it continues straight up to Caserta, where for The five members of the family will also be infected: wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law and two small children, whose classes have been quarantined. Once the positivity of the swab was discovered, the Milan ATS interviewed the man to proceed with the tracing, but from the operation no close contacts were found as the Eni employee arrived by car, had spent the night alone in a hotel, ate remotely in the breakfast room and then went to the health facility. The Ats has therefore passed all the documentation on the positivity of man to the ASL under the jurisdiction of Campania.

Yesterday the Region certified that at the moment no positive contacts have been identified in Lombardy.

In the meantime, however, the alarm about travelers returning from southern Africa had rekindled the spotlight on swabs referring to citizens who came from that area of ​​the world: only a few hours ago, therefore, the news of the variant sequenced at the Laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and diagnostics of bioemergencies at the Sacco hospital in Milan.

Thus the man went to the news as the first Italian patient affected by what is now known as variant of concern (Voc) and defined on Friday by the WHO Omicron. The Higher Institute of Health has announced that sequencing has already been scheduled on the samples of the patient’s family contacts who tested positive and residing in the Campania region, whose laboratories have been alerted and are already working to obtain genomic results in a short time.

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