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Trump congratulates Kim Jong-un on North Korea’s election to WHO executive board: criticism from Republicans

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On the day the North Korea come back to attack United Nations they Usa, Donald Trumpthrough the social platform Truthcongratulates the dictator of Pyongyang, Kim Jong-unfor the election of your country to the executive board of theWorld Health Organization (WHO): “Congratulations to Kim Jong-un”, wrote the former president who ran for the 2024 presidential elections again. Words that triggered the harsh reaction of the other republicans running for the post White House.

“You don’t congratulate a offender that threatened America and our allies,” said the former South Carolina governor, Nikky HaleyWhile Ron DeSantis it says “surprised. Kim Jong-un is a murderous dictator“. Even the former vice president Mike Pencewhose candidacy is expected next week, criticizes his former boss: “No one should praise the dictator of North Korea or the leader of Russia who launched the attack onUkraine – he said – This is the moment in which we should clearly say that we are for freedom and for those who defend freedom”.

Just as criticism for the tycoon, North Korea has returned to attack the United Nations and America. The powerful sister of the dictator, Kim Yo-youngcriticized the UN Security Council for holding a “very unfair” meeting on the recent launch of the military spy satellite Of Pyongyanghowever, which ended in failure and the fall into the yellow sea of the new rocket Chollima-1. North Korea’s most powerful woman said the meeting of United Nations was another reminder that the board was acting like “a political appendix” of Washington. “I am very sorry that the Security Council so often calls into account the exercise of North Korea’s rights as a sovereign state at the request of the United States.” These are moves that “I strongly condemn and reject as the most unjust and partial of interference in internal affairs and violation of sovereignty” of North Korea. Pyongyang, he assured, “will continue to take proactive measures to exercise all the legitimate rights of a sovereign state, including that of launching military reconnaissance satellites”.

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Analysts have warned about the country’s aerospace development, explaining that there is a significant technological overlap between the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles and space launch capabilities, warning that if the North manages to deploy its satellites, surveillance capabilities would allow Pyongyang to more accurately target US and South Korean forces. North Korea has defied years of punitive sanctions to continue working on its nuclear and missile programs banned by UN resolutions, conducting a series of tests prohibited. Last year, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un called it hermit state a “irreversible” nuclear powereffectively putting an end to the possibility of talks on the denuclearization.

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