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TRX: what it is and the benefits of the tool used for suspension training

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TRX: what it is and the benefits of the tool used for suspension training

TRX, acronym of Total Resistance Exercises, is the name of a fitness tool used for Suspension Training (suspension training) which uses gravity and only the weight of the individual. A feature that makes it particularly useful for diversifying training compared to the classic weight room. It boasts a military origin: its inventor, Randy Hetrick, belonged to the special forces of the US Navy. The tool, made up of cables, brackets and handles, must be positioned at a height of over 2.20.


“This training methodology – explains Nino Fallo, personal trainer – offers numerous benefits. First of all, good humor. The improvement of neuromuscular function and the functional expression of strength and resistance have, in fact, a significant impact on self-esteem. The release of endorphins during training also helps reduce stress”.


The core includes the abdominal muscles, paraspinal muscles, quadratus lumborum, pelvic floor muscles, glutes and hip flexors. Core stabilization starts from within and is produced by the correct contraction of the diaphragm muscle. “With Suspension Training – explains the personal trainer – the static function of the core is activated, i.e. the ability to align and stabilize the skeleton to resist a specific force. For this reason, TRX training is open to all ages and has the advantage of recruiting all the stabilizer muscles that are not affected by training with isokinetic machines” . Green light therefore to everything that your body weight can do by exploiting the force of gravity: chest press, suspended fallout, roll out, side plank, row, crosses, extensions and push-ups, squats, single leg stretches, squat jumps and hamstring curls .

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